A Recipe for the Civil War


1. West-ward expansion

2.Fugitive Slave Act

3.Uncle Tom's Cabin

4."Bleeding Kansas"

5.The Dred Scott Decision

6.The Election of 1860


  1. 1. America was aiming to move west in the 1800's and because fof that many northerners and southerners ruched in to the new territories. this caused many problems since the northerners disliked slavery and the southerners depended on slavery.
  2. 2. In The Compromise of 1850 it stated that the Fugitive Slave Law would be taken into effect. The Fugitive Slave Law stated that any escaped Slaves from the south would be force back into slaver. It also stated that northerners were forced to report any escaped slaves or else they may will be fined 1000$ and even arrested for 6 months. This upset northerners since most northerners ere anti-slavery. Not even free African Americans were sage because they could just be accused of being a run away.
  3. 3.In 1852 Harriet Beacher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin to show the Union that slavery was evil. This book showed northerners realize that slavery was a moral issue which made northerners want slavery gone even more.
  4. 4.In 1854 Stephen Douglass suggested the Kansas-Nebraska Act. This act stated that the Kansas and Nebraskan territories determined if they were free or slave states through popular severity. This outraged northerners because it broke the 36'30 line stated in The Compromise of 1820. During elections to choose lawmakers, hundreds of Border Ruffians crossed int Kansas. Fighting broke out and 200 people died in the events or mini war known as "Bleeding Kansas".
  5. 5.In 1857 Dred Scott, a slave from Missouri, tried suing for his freedom. Before his master died, he had brought Scott to Illinois, a free state, were abolitionist helped Scott sue for is freedom. Chief Justice Roger Taney decided the case. Taney was born in raised in the south. In his decision he said that Scott could not file a case because blacks were not considered a citizens, and congress did not have the power to outlaw slavery in any territory.
  6. 6.In the election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th president of the United States. The south was convinced that Lincoln was going to try and abolish slavery so they seceded from the nation.

Heat and stir carefully and the end result is the Civil War!