Melissa McFarland

What is aggression and competition?

Aggression is a harmful and/ or defensive behavior or attitude held towards another organism.

Competition is the conflict between organisms for a limited essential resource or a mate.

Four young West Lowland male gorillas fight over a tomato.

  • This is a scene normally reserved for wildlife documentaries and blockbuster films, but at Devon Zoo three adult male gorillas were captured in an astonishing display of animal instinct while they fought over a tomato for breakfast. The gorillas started kicking and hitting one another with their fangs in complete view, these hungry males stood upright as they carried out their hungry scuffle to the amazement of visitors.

  • FIghting till the Death

    These dogs have been raised and trained to fight to the death.This is not in their natural instincts unless they feel threatened, but these dogs owners have trained them fighting specifically. In most Pakistan Villages this is a big thing where mobs will come to watch these poor dogs get injured until one dies.

    Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

    Sharks are a good example of this phenomenon, because during times of especially scarce food resources, sharks resort to the ultimate form of competition: cannibalism. Instead of competing with other species for new food resources, sharks simply start to eat each other.

    Aggression for food and competition for survival

    32 seconds into this video there is a cheetah chasing a gazelle for food while the gazelle is in a competition for survival and in this video there is no winner but in 4/5 situations the gazelle will lose the competition and the cheetah will win the competition.
    ROLLIN` SAFARI - what if animals were round?


    Peacocks have a beautiful tail but it isn't just for us to look at and admire. The peacocks use their brightly colored tails and a dance to compete with other mails for a mate.