Digital Badging

March 2016 Issue 4

Badge Stats to Date

  • Digital Badges issued so far: 5,898
  • Digital Badges issued this school year: 4,934
  • Schools who are Badging: 13
  • Community Endorsers: 16

Bright Spots

This month South Middle School teachers have begun their planning around a 4th quarter Project Based Learning unit. Teachers at South have been working diligently to develop a cross content area unit which inspires their students to learn while helping them to develop 21st Century Skills. Students’ assets will be noticed and named as they earn Digital Badges for their skill development in this PBL unit. Nice job, South Middle School teachers! Thank you for going above and beyond in your planning and understanding the significance to your students developing 21st Century Skills.

Endorser Highlight

Do students at your schools enjoy collaborating with others to create an amazing product? If so, they should earn their Collaboration Summit Badge so they can choose to have their experience with Wold Architects and Engineers. This company values the uniqueness of each community they work in and ensure their clients’ objectives are understood. If your students choose this company for an experience, they will shadow an architect as they design a school.

Program Update

Julie North has been working alongside the Digital Badging team and has released the Green Stars playbook. This resource shows exactly what teachers need to do in order to award students Digital Badges. By implementing amazing energy saving techniques, these students are helping to save schools money each year while also earning Badges for developing 21st Century Skills. This is just one example of what it looks like to align club efforts with the Digital Badge program.

Digital Badging Collaborative Work Sessions

Wednesday, March 23rd, 4:30-5:30pm

ESC1 Suite 110 - Ed Tech Lab

At this session we'll provide an update about the resources being developed to help you issue Badges in your classroom. You will choose from 3 different breakout groups that will meet your differentiated support needs whether you are beginning to identify badging opportunities in the classroom, need training with the Credly platform, or are seeking feedback.

Sign up on Avatar for this course: Digital Badging Collaborative Work Session 3/23/16 (4389.5718).

Other Training Sessions

Digital Badging Virtual Office Hours
  • Thursday, April 21, 4:10-5:10
  • Sign up on Avatar: Digital Badging Virtual Office Hours 4/21/16 (4390.5709)

Digital Badging Collaborative Work Session

  • Wednesday, April 27 4:30-5:30
  • ESC 1 Suite 110 Ed Tech Lab
  • Sign up on Avatar: Digital Badging Collaborative Work Session 4/27/16 (4389.5719)

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Amanda Rose McLean - Digital Badge Partner

Feel free to contact me with questions. I would love to stop by your room and listen for Badging opportunities or introduce Badging to your students.

Digital Badge Website

Click here to view the Digital Badge website.