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My personal review of

With a name such as, I would have thought that the website was located and operating on the territory of US. After all, their name is a great way to connect with US students that need their papers written. I decided to explore the website a bit further and almost at once, I found some odd things. Some of the phrases and tag-lines didn’t sound “American” to me, rather very basic and wooden, as if someone translated them automatically. I tried looking for testimonials and reviews on but I couldn’t find any; not even a now usual blog. Even so, I decided to ask for a draft since I had to submit my paper soon. And here is what i found out for this review:

Quality of service

The draft seemed okay enough; it was a one page summary of the topic I asked for. No particular formatting or grammar mistakes. This led me to believe that was a good choice for my needs and I submitted my paper for writing.

To my shock, the paper I received was anything but professional and thorough. It was as if a different person wrote the paper; with broken sentences and simple spelling errors that not even a high school student would overlook. This led me to believe that the writer can’t be native-English, and if they are not native-English, why is the website called “”? This is where I started realizing that the “American” in the title was just bait for students who don’t think twice about submitting a paper for writing.

Customer support

When I contacted the customer service I was greeted by an operator who refused any sort of complaint I had. When I asked for a revision stating that my paper is of horrible quality, I was turned down. I wasn’t allowed to get in touch with my writer and I was simply shut down with every question I had.


The prices alone on would make you think they are a professional service. I paid 19$ per page for a paper that I would have otherwise written myself if I just had enough time. I later took a closer look at their pricing models and realized that they are too expensive, offering little to no benefits for returning customers and no discounts for new customers whatsoever.


If I had to recommend with one short sentence it would be “Absolutely not!” While their draft and free sample might be written by a half-decent writer, everything else simply falls through. Their prices are too high to justify the low quality they provide. While I’ve been burned a couple of times before, this was simply too much for me. Complete lack of customer support and refusal of revision was the last straw for me.