Keep Safe From Identity Theft

By: Williesha Banister

What is Identity Theft?

The wrongful and illegal act of obtaining and using another person's personal identification/information, credit, or account information.

Ways To Detect and Protect

-Protect Social Security number (Do not just hand this to anyone or any organization, and never carry your Social Security Card in your wallet!!!)

-Be cautious about financial information (Write "See ID" on the back of bank cards, so that an ID is required before using your card.)

-Keep purse and wallet in sight (Do not keep social security card, birth certificate, or passport in your purse.)

-Verify legitimacy of an organization requesting any personal information (Check to see if an organization is real before sending them any personal information)

-WARNING! INTERNET SCAMS!!! (Watch what browsers and websites you send your information to and use your bank cards to make purchases on)

-Securely dispose of mail (Your mail obtains your address, name, and other important information that can be easily obtained if you do not securely dispose your mail properly)

-Identity (Your identity is everything. Be careful about what information you share with people, or they could end up "being you.")

-Credit reports (Keep up with these annually)

Who Do You Contact if You Feel You are in Danger of Identity Theft?

The Federal Trade Commission provides people with Identity theft information and an educational website concerning the issue.

Credit Card Reports

Credit Report- A detailed report, made by a credit bureau, on the individual's credit history and explains the credit's worthiness through a number.

*How to get it higher?-

~Pay Your bills on time

~Stay current with payments

~Keep credit card balances low

~Don't have various amounts of credit cards

~Don't open a credit card for someone else in your name

~Pay off debts accordingly

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Where Does Your Credit Report Lie?

300-579 (Bad credit)

580-629 (Poor credit)

630-689 (Fair credit)

690-749 (Good credit)

750-850 (Great credit)