The 5th Grade Scoop

Mrs. Eckenrode's Class Newsletter

Hero Project

The students have spent the past couple of months learning the best ways to be an effective researcher, writer of informational essays, and presenters. All of this hard work will help them as they tackle the Hero Project they were assigned this past week.

During reading, we are enjoying literature about people who have stood up for the rights of others. This project will allow the fifth graders to inform others about a person who has made great accomplishments in his/her lifetime.

I look forward to reading, seeing, and hearing their research come to life with their essays and PowerPoint presentations during the first week of June.

I have encouraged the students to use the planner I included in the packet to help them manage the project and their time. I also suggested that the students use their time reading about their hero as their 100 minutes of reading each week.

Please let me know if any questions or concerns arise.

Writing Response Groups

The fifth graders have been typing away on the laptops and are anxious to receive feedback about their informational essays.

If you are available on Wednesday, May 6th from 10:30 to 11:45, we'd love to have you join us. You would be able to read very well-written essays about various disasters and learn a few new facts as you record the feedback students give each writer.

Please e-mail me at if you are interested.

What's Happening Across All Subjects?

Reading: We will be reading a variety of texts about people who have stood up for what is right. Book club conversations will focus on the characteristics of these bold people and their actions.

Writing: We will publish our informational essays. The next genre of writing we will practice is fiction.

Science/Social Studies: We are wrapping up our weather unit and will take a science assessment next Thursday, May 7th.

We will pick up in social studies where we left off and learn what led to the Revolutionary War. Re-enactors from the Revolutionary War will visit Warwick next Friday, May 8th, to help us build some background knowledge about that time in history.

Important Dates

Wednesday, May 6th: Writing Response Groups from 10:30-11:45

Friday, May 8th: Revolutionary War Re-enactors visit Warwick for the day

Monday, May 11th: Book Fair

Thursday, May 14th: Field Trip to Citizens Bank Park for Weather Day activities and a Phillies game (Students must be dropped off at school by 7:45am and picked up at 6:00pm.)

Monday, May 25th: Memorial Day, No school

Monday, June 1st: SAVE THE DATE! Our class will present "The Lorax" on stage at 2:45 in the gym. More information to come!

Allergy Season Has Arrived!

Lots of sneezing is going on in room 24! We are officially using our last box of tissues. If you could kindly send in a box of tissues, we would greatly appreciate it!