The Deep Blue

This is how organization's are helping the ocean.

5 negative things that we are doing to the ocean

counteract for oil spills

Luckily for the ocean the "Center for Biological diversity" who made lawsuits on oil rigs. This effects the environment by killing of thousands of marine life and destroying habitats. If there oil rig had more permission to keep drilling even more animals would have died eventually getting to their habitats. Below is a picture of a oil rig that they put a stop to by making a lawsuit.
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counteract for over fishing

Overfishing has never been a huge thing until now because the demand for fish more and faster than the fish can reproduce. This is disrupting the food web and may drive animals to not live there anymore. Luckily the "United Nations' food and agriculture organization help raise awareness of overfishing. Below is a picture not from this organization because I couldn't find any pictures of them raising awareness.

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Counteract for littering

Littering has always been an obvious source of ocean pollution. But still marine life are caught in this pollution and most of the time causes them to be deformed. Because they are deformed they can't live and due a terrible way. Nevertheless "Ocean conservancy" have a website to where you can sign up and help clean up the coastal areas.
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counteract for destruction of habits

We often destroy habitats especially in the ocean and that is bad because fish are being driven to death just because we want that space for are only selfish needs. So that is why the "Florida Keys National Marine sanctuary" will set out artificial reefs and make a new home for marine life.

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counter act for algal blooms

Not only we destroy destroy habitats by machine but also by fertilizer. This will stop the ecosystem by having to much algae which makes it hard for the other organisms to live. So the "National Ocean Service" will move the organisms until the algal blooms are fixed and that water source will be shut down temporally.
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By Jason Hernandez