By: Anya Barstow 2nd hour Science

"Doctor of the Mind"


Think of a Psychiatrist as a "Doctor of the Mind"

  • Calculate data
  • Talk to patients
  • Calm patients
  • Find treatments and prevention a for mental illnesses
  • Conclude difficulties in mental disorders
  • Work in offices
  • Patients enter and commonly use a distraction, (colorful ball or shaped blocks)
  • Often have a couch/sofa where patients can relax and explain their struggles
  • Think critically
  • Help patients of all ages


  • There is always something new each day
  • I enjoy helping people
  • There is a good salary
  • Most psychiatrists are self employed


  • Irregular scheduling
  • Can sometimes be stressful because of lack of patience
  • Expensive schooling costs
  • Patients can be very obnoxious

How do I get there?

High school:

  • Some advanced classes of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science
  • Advanced/regular classes of Chemistry, Probability, Statistics, Physiology
  • (Pass these classes)


  • Not only take courses in these similar units but also enroll into medical school and Psychology school
  • Apply for many scholarships because medical school will be very expensive


. .

American Psychiatric Association

A psychiatric association that supports further studies in/of psychiatry.

1000 Wilson Blvd. Suite 1825

Arlington, Virginia

American Medical Student Association

A medical association that supports further studies in/of the medical field.

45610 Woodland Rd. Suite 300

Sterling, Virginia

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