"Week in a Wink"

September 28, 2015

October 20 Early Release PD Survey

Please complete survey by October 1st! It's important we get your feedback to make the most of your time. Thanks!


September 28:

Joslyn MAP Testing (in room) @ 1:40PM

7:00PM Board of Education Meeting: Vicki is presenting on Brain Based Learning Environments (come join me!)

September 29:

RTI Grades 4/5 (note the grade change due to Kindy CLT)

Kindy CLT all day

CP Annual Review @ 11:00

SIP Writing Team Mtg at 3:30 Hawthorn Conference Room

September 30:

3rd grade CLT all day (I will be in attendance at DO for part of the day)

2nd year new teacher meetings after school

Learning Center Mtg at 8:00

Fall Listening Tour w/Cerauli (be sure to sign up with Jill)

October 1:

5th grade CLT all day

School Improvement Plan due!

IEP Consults AM/PM Week "A"

10:30 4th grade PLC w/Principal

1:00 1st grade PLC w/Principal

2:00 TL Office Meeting

October 2:

8:00 TL Leadership Meeting

9:45 3rd grade PLC w/Principal

11:00 5th grade PLC w/Principal

1:45 Kindy PLC w/Principal

2:30 2nd grade PLC w/Principal

PTO Dues clarification

PTO membership is being deducted from your paycheck.

If you want to opt-out of this deduction or have questions about this, please contact Sharon Colon ASAP (like by tomorrow morning).

Culture of Inquiry

Inquiry is a central part of good instruction that needs to happen all the time not just on "Inquiry Day." Don't get overwhelmed by "artful learning". It's all good instruction: essential questions, hooks, reflecting, experiencing content...

Rathe's class celebrating with Lightning for good behavior!

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