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Byte-Sized Treats to Transform Learning 8.20.19

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Pictured (left to right): Paula Setser-Kissick, Amy Johns, Jerry Broyles, Julie Gaskin, Kelly Fischer, Ashley Faulkner, Josh Rayburn

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Silent Dismissal

We all realize the importance of having our students arrive at school and depart from school safely every day. We also know that dismissal procedures need to be flexible, orderly, and efficient. Getting our buses back on the road and releasing hundreds of students in intervals takes place in a 10-15 minute window. Schools need to effectively communicate to teachers and staff to have a successful dismissal each day.

Many of our schools are looking at a Silent Dismissal system instead of using the school’s PA system. The PA system can be used in conjunction with Silent Dismissal, but often staff prefer Silent Dismissal as it does not contribute to the noise and confusion and that can take place during the end of the school day. If your school is interested in implementing such a dismissal, here is a LINK to a Silent Dismissal template used in a couple of our elementary schools. If you would like to use it, here are some DIRECTIONS to get you started. Huge shout out and thanks to Amanda Yates at William Wells Brown for sharing this idea with us!

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Quickly Share a Site With Your Students

So you want to share a website with your students but you know chaos lies ahead as they start to type in the loooonng URL with questions like is that an “L” or a “1”? Instead of groaning and giving up, get your students on the same page with Yellkey is a free tool that generates a short URL from a long, sometimes confusing one. Simply copy the long web address you want to share, paste it into Yellkey, choose a time for the link to remain active (from 5 minutes to 24 hours) and click "generate yellkey." Yellkey will provide a new link with a simple word, allowing your students visit a site quickly.
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Video-Based Lessons with Edpuzzle - New Updates

Edpuzzle has been a favorite tool for Fayette teachers to present video-based lessons for many years. We’ve enjoyed integrating these lessons directly into Google Classroom and Canvas. Now Edpuzzle offers Live Mode which allows you to project your EdPuzzle video for the whole class to watch while students individually answer questions live on their own devices. This allows the teacher to check for comprehension and lead the class discussion. Click here to see a video demo of Live Mode.

You may also enjoy some of the free courses created for teachers and students:

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Instructional Technology PD

Ready for engaging professional development sessions geared towards implementing technology into your classroom? We have over 40 sessions ready for you! Just hop on over to, and click on ACTIVITY CATALOGS and DISTRICT CATALOG in the left hand menu. Type the word TECHNOLOGY in the search bar to locate and register for your choices.

Would you like to work toward your Google Educator Level 1 or Level 2 Certification? This year the Office of Instructional Technology will be offering a series of trainings for both Level 1 and Level 2 certifications to help prepare staff. Individuals can choose which sessions to attend, based on their individual needs, including a two-day boot-camp. A common testing opportunity will be available in the Spring for those who want to test with the group. Visit this site for details.

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STEM in Wonders 8.29.19 with Ashley Faulkner

Geared towards 3rd-5th grade classroom teachers, but all elementary classroom teachers are welcome! Join us for some tips for increasing engagement during Wonders centers with the implementation of a STEM station aligned with the Wonders curriculum. Walk away with ideas, links, and resources you could utilize in your classroom tomorrow or during your next planning meeting.

Google Chrome and Drive for Beginners 9.9.19 with Julie Gaskin

Make the most of Google Chrome and learn the basics of Google Drive. We'll cover file management, sharing, and the big one - finding and organizing the files that have been shared with you! The goal if for you to leave feeling more comfortable using Chrome and Google Drive.

Customize Your Classroom Communication Using Google Sites 9.11.19 with Kelly Fischer

Learn how to create and manage a class website using Google Sites. Some topics that will be covered in this session are...creating a site, embedding content, maintaining a blog and or rolling announcements, engaging students, communicating with families, and more! This is an introductory level training that is meant to inspire those who would like to use Google Sites more effectively in their classroom.

Create your Own Virtual Tour 9.12.19 with Ashley Faulkner

Want to show your students the world? Not even a magic carpet is a match for Google's easy-to-use new tool, Tour Creator. Take your students anywhere, or better yet, let your students become the tour guides. Create an immersive learning experience that can be viewed on any device using Chrome or with VR goggles. Utilize Google Street View images or upload your own 360 images. Join us to learn the basics of using Tour Creator, create your own published tour, and share to Google Expeditions. Check out a set of VR goggles from your Digital Learning Coach and show your students the world.

Google Level 2 Series: Google Drive, Slides, Sites, Maps 9.16.19 with Jerry Broyles

Go beyond the basics! During the first half of this session, you will learn more about intermediate features of Google Drive, Slides, Sites, and Maps. During the second half of this session, you will work to complete various tasks and respond to instructional scenarios in a simulated Google Testing environment. This is session is part of the Google for Education Level 2 Certification.

Advanced Canvas: Using H5P to Create Interactive Content 9.18.19 with Paula Setser-Kissick
Use this free online resource to create content such as flashcards, drag-and-drop tasks, image hotspots, memory games, image sequencing, and much more. Whether you're presenting content or providing ungraded formative feedback to students, H5P is a great tool to spice up student engagement in learning.

Game On! Level Up Your Classroom wih Gamification 9.19.19 with Josh Rayburn

Want to increase student engagement? Try adding gamification to your classroom. Different gaming strategies will be used to increase your student engagement in the classroom. Don't worry, you don't have to be a gamer to use gamification.

Create, Collaborate & Explore with Google Docs 9.26.19 with Kelly Fischer

Create, Collaborate & Explore - Using Google Docs. Learn the basics of Google Docs as well as creative and advanced ways to utilize this versatile tool in your classroom.

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