on Seventh Grade


These verses were influenced by a piece of poetry by Li Bo, a popular 8th Century Chinese poet. Seventh graders were inspired by the views outside their bedroom windows. The resulting poems were simple, yet reflective and thoughtful.

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by Marian Cervantes

Shining through my window, the bright lights catch my eye.

It shines upon the cars onto my line of sight.
My eyes drift to one of the many lights in the buildings.
I hope that they have a good night as well.

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Peaceful Night

By Mikaela Vital

A gentle breeze blows by.
House lights are off there as I lie.
I lift my body to stare at the clear sky.
I lean on my bed letting out a deep sigh to think about how time passes by.

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Night Time Lights

by Jasmine Pili

The bright lights from the city ahead shimmer

The leaves from the bushes rustle from the wind

I look up and see the moon shining brightly
I look up and see stars twinkling in the sky

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