HawksBill Turtles In Danger

Why They Should Live On


The reason these turtles are endangered is that they're eggs are eaten all over the world and that they are killed for there flesh or shells. But mostly the reason they're endangered is that they're always caught in nets from fishermen and crab boats.

Their Home

These turtles are found near coastlines, inside the tropics of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian ocean, and usually avoid the deep waters. Most Hawksbill turtles live where the sponges are abundant and where sandy nesting sites are of reach.

How These Undersea Creatures Look Like

Hawksbill turtles have beautifully colored shells with thick bony plates and have a sharp birdlike beak that they use to eat their food. They also grow up to 4 feet and 3 inches.

What These Guys Eat

These turtles are omnivores and prefer to eat mollusks, marine algae, crustaceans (Such as crabs and lobsters), Sea urchins, fish, and jellyfish. Most of the time they just eat rich sponges found in reefs.


The main danger to these helpless turtles are large fish, Sharks, Crocodiles, and Octopuses. Although these are troubles to these turtles the main problem is us humans.

Let Them Live

Even though there eggs are eaten worldwide we obviously other things to eat. I think these fisherman or people who handle crab boats should be more careful where they throw there nets.


They adapted a way to move around the sea floor. They now have butterfly like flippers that they use to get around the sea floor.