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Directv Internet Speed – Is It Fast Enough?

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High-speed internet is one of the prime requirements for 21St Century and nobody want to be stuck up with a dial-up connection that moves at a snail’s pace. DirectTV (DTV) has made a high-speed internet connection possible, even for users residing in remote areas with little connectivity.

DIRECTV offers three download speeds:

  • 516 Kbps
  • 1 Mbps
  • 1.5 Mbps

The service does not specifically support Internet telephone services. The company provides internet connection to its customers through broadband, DSL and satellite dish. In remote areas, where the other two technologies are not useful, the satellite dish is the mode of connection.

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DirecTV internet service offers a number of advantages over conventional internet services.

  1. The highest speed that DirectTV offers is about 30 times faster than a dial-up connection.
  2. Its connection is not impacted by rain, snow or adverse weather conditions. Unless there is a severe storm, you can enjoy undisrupted services.
  3. The service is affordable and the company has lately been offering low paid plans as well as discounted packages to woo users.
  4. The internet deals can be negotiated on the basis of the location of customers.
  5. The installation of the service is very simple and can be easily performed without the help of technicians.

Due to the use of satellites, DirectTV internet speed is very good. DirectTV internet is portable and you can enjoy connectivity at any time of the day or night only by using a modem and a dish. The service enjoys a loyal user base of over 19 million in the US alone and the number of global users is also increasing steadily. With competitive pricing and efficient customer services, DTV has already become a big name in the Internet technology market.

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