February Newsletter

Martin Elementary

Purposeful Homework

Homework is one of the best tools we can utilize to inform and show parents what their child is learning at school in a effort to help parents support their child's educational growth. Homework should be used primarily for practice and mastery rather than introduction of new learning. It is important to keep in mind that evenings are a busy time for families and we want to respect their time as well. Battling with a child to complete homework can be exhausting!
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1st grade homework is stressful!

App of the Month

Skype (or any video chat app)

Most of us have used some form of video chat for personal use; however, the possibilities are endless for the classroom. The Skype app will allow you to connect with parents for a virtual conference or there are a number of authors and experts that offer class visits via Skype. Skype can turn your virtual field trip into a more interactive visit!
Skype in the classroom - Tony Bates

Science class is awesome!!!

If you want to see some great and fun science stuff go down and visit Mrs. Smith's classroom. Exploding excitement is always oozing out of the 5th grade science classroom. One of the more recent lessons was over the path that light travels. Mrs. Smith pointed a laser at the wall and had students use a spray bottle to spray water in the area of the light path. With all the lights off you could see the path from the tip of the laser to the spot on the wall. This was a great way to capture students attention and to show them how light travels!!
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