GCIS Weekly News 9/9/2016

Weekly Celebrations, Successes, and Up Coming Events!

We're not here to be average; We're here to be AWESOME!

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Another Great Week at GCIS! Below are our Amazing Awesome Students of the week! Staff nominate students for demonstrating Key Behaviors throughout the week and coming to school every day trying their best, respecting all students everyday no matter what, and modeling leadership behaviors and qualities! Congrats to these students that make our school community great! Thanks for Being Awesome this week!
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GCIS Office News

Please remember to send lunch money with your students. You can call the office to check on the balance or check through infinite campus!

    • October 4th - School Picture Day

    • Students are outside everyday for recess, as the weather changes, please make sure your child has appropriate attire for the weather.

    • If there are changes in your student’s routine or if your student will be out of our building, please notify the office prior to 2:30pm to allow time to get messages out for students. 515-738-5721.

    • If there are changes in your contact information, please let us know.

Homecoming Dress Up Days 2016

Homecoming is the week of September 19th-23rd

Monday September 19th:
Mustache Monday

Tuesday September 20th: Neon Day (Wear your Brightest Threads!)

Wednesday September 21st: Pajama Day

Thursday September 22nd: Color Wars

  • Staff: Green
  • 6th: Purple
  • 5th: Yellow
  • 4th: Orange

Friday September 23rd: Show Your School Spirit! Wear Black and Red!

Parade Information:

  • GCIS students will be walking/riding in the parade again this year!
  • Parade starts at 2pm
  • After parade students will be dismissed from the middle school.
  • Any students riding to Grand Junction and Scranton will load buses at Web House.

Principal Shoutout!

On Monday September 19th (week of Homecoming) We are celebrating Mustache Monday! Students will be able to purchase a mustache for $1

This is your chance to rock a mustache for the day at GCIS! All funds raised will go to our Collabratory supplies! What a great way to support our school and learning all while sharing a few giggles!

Students can bring their money starting next week! Students need to bring money to the office and they will get their mustache on Monday September 19th! If you have any additional questions please call the office!

4th Grade Happenings!

We are getting in the swing of 4th grade. We are learning our routines and procedures. We know the building!

Language Arts- We are learning about characters and character traits this week. We are realizing that characters change how they are feeling and grow throughout the story.

Science- We saved Sam. We made an egg go into a bottle AND made it come out without using our hands. We are learning what scientist do.

Math: We’ve started the year strong working with place value. Mrs. Haley and Mrs. Murphy are excited to be working with the fourth graders this year in math!

5th Grade Happenings!

Math: We are working hard on area. Good luck to us.

Science: We’ve been studying whales as a way to get introduced to 5th grade Science. All students should have returned their signed Pink sheets as of 9/2 for 5pts extra credit. I still have a few out there that need to be returned.

Social Studies/Lit: We’ve been training for our Literacy Stations that are part of our two hour literacy block. Our literacy stations help students improve their reading and writing skills, as well as help them learn how to work with partners and in small groups. Next week in Reading, students will learn to determine the meaning of unknown words and phrases as they are used in text, including figurative language such as similes and metaphors. In Social Studies, students will understand map features and produce a map of their own of a “fantasy city” that they create.


6th Grade Happenings!

It’s been an awesome start in the math room this year! I’m excited about the students I’m going to be working with as they have really been working hard. We have been busy working on seeing what their independent levels are so we can get everyone rockin!

Reading is off to a great start, too! We have been making connections, visualizing, and determining importance. Keep reading 20 minutes each night because we have set book goals!

In science, we have been talking about claims and evidence. We have also been practicing working in small groups effectively.


5th & 6th Grade Band

The most important thing new or current band parents could do right now, is finalize any instrument arrangements and please sign up for the band facebook page linked below.

Greene County Intermediate Bands

Music Mania

Greetings from Brenda Roberts!

Welcome back to a year of new and exciting experiences in Music!

It has been wonderful reconnecting with former students and meeting brand new faces!

If your child does not currently have a 1” binder for General Music, please take advantage of Walmart’s clearance sale opportunities! I have purchased a spiral bound notebook for each student to record music journal entries each week. These journals serve as a class portfolio. They will be shared with parents during conference to give deeper insight to what students are learning in General Music throughout the year.

We have begun our year learning about proper sitting and standing posture. Inquire with your child about what benefits come from proper posture! I am so excited to work with your kids this school year!

Action in PE!

PE at GCIS is off to a great start! We have been reviewing different rules about games that we play outside at recess! This is key at working together, ensuring everyone is included, and we are being safe, respectful, and responsible. We have also been playing various games that practice these skills and most importantly get moving around! Looking forward to a great year!


We are working on name designs in Art classes. 4th grade is making their name based on the work of Matisse who did bright, colorful paper cut-outs. 5th grade is learning about one point perspective and warm/cool colors by making their name in block letters so it looks 3D. 6th grade is making their name based on the color wheel!
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T.A.G. Update

I have the names of Students who qualified for TAG based on scores and those letters will be sent home by the end of this week. Then for students that are close to the TAG requirements, I have put together an anonymous list that members of the TAG committee will choose from, based on Iowa Assessment scores, STAR scores, teacher recommendations, and previous involvement in TAG. I plan for TAG to start meeting sometime next week once I get parental permission forms back.

Tech Lit & Media

What a great start to our school year!! Every week Mrs. Fester and I, Mrs. Fisher, will have some information about what the students have been working on throughout the school week. This week the students started working on three different programs.

Fourth grade: The students have started working on a program called Everfi. Through this program, they will learn about the value of saving money, needs and wants, as well as things they can do when they are adults.

Fifth grade: The students have been working on a program on Learning.com. This site offers a variety of 21st century skills that the students need to know in order to be successful in today’s world.

Sixth grade: The students started working on a program called Ignition. Through this program students will learn how to select appropriate technology tools, and how to use these tools effectively and safely.

Counselors Corner!

Hi All!! Welcome back!

It’s been a great beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.

In Life Skills classes we are studying how to be mentally/emotionally and physically healthy in our relationships with others. We have also researched and discussed the word-of-the-month, Empathy, and how to be empathetic in our interactions with others.

Empathy involves being caring, supportive and sensitive to how others are feeling, and “putting yourself in another’s shoes” to see their perspective in a situation.

Sincerely, Mrs. S.

GCIS Clubs!


Students at GCIS will have the opportunity to be part of clubs. Our first session was this past Wednesday! Club time will happen every Wednesday! Ask your student what club they are in! It's a great way for our students to connect with our staff and build relationships! So many great connections and learning have come from this time! What awesome students and staff we have!

Nurse News!

It’s great to be back! Please keep us informed of any health conditions your child may have or develop over the school year. If you have any questions please feel free to call the nurse’s office. Make sure your child is drinking plenty of water at home and throughout the day, especially on our hot days!

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