❄️☃Ice Storms☃❄️

By: Suaad Zafar and Annana Shaikh


Hello, my name is Suaad and this is Annana, the topic for our presentaion is Ice Storms. Today we will highlight the main points about ice storms and their damages and risks to to the world.

Mini video about Ice storms:


What are ice storms?

Ice storms are one of the most damaging natural disaster. Ice storms are a type of winter storm that is very simillar to a snow storms. They occur after a heavy rainfall, leaving a think layer of ice on the surface. There are about 16 ice storms each year!

How do they happen?

Ice storms occur when a layer of warm air is surrounded by 2 layers of cold air, a layer above and one underneath. As the snow falls from the cold air to the warm air it turns into rain. Once the rain re-enter the cold air, it turn into freezing rain. As the rain falls on to the ground it will freeze it will freeze if the temperature is cold enough.

Damages done by Ice Storms:

What happens to the environment/area and the living organisms after the storm?

After the storms the area is fully covered by a thick layer of ice. The weight of the ice causes a lot of distruction around the world. Their is a high probabilitie that the power and telephone lines will be cut, and that the heating and air condiotioning will no longer work. The road may be blocked by fallen trees or branches. Many cars slip and crash into one another. The environment is affected because many trees, plants and crops freeze or fallover and die. Also, without proper care floods can occur in the area. Some of these trees may also split in half. The organisms living there will be exposed to the cold and can die from frostbites hypothermia.

What are the countries that ussually have Ice Storms?

Ice Storms most commonly occur in the following countries:

- Oklahoma

- United States

- Oregon

- Canada

- Pennsylvania

- New York

But they can still occur in other countries that have not been listed.

What is the difference between a Snow Storm and a Ice Storm?

There is a very tiny difference when it comes to snow storms and ice storms. When there is an Ice storms there is a layer of ice with a pile of snow on top. Snow storms on the other hand are when large piles of snow fall all at the same time otherwise known as blizzards. Ice storms are far more damaging than snow storms and are more likely to injure people.

Interesting Facts:

- Ice can increase the weight of a branche by 30 times!

- In 1998 a ice storm in New York caused 1.4 billion dollars in damage!

- Ice storms occur mostly in the months of december and January.

- Most deaths in a year are related to ice storms. (Eg. Car crashes)

True or false:

1.) Their are about 30 ice storms a year.

2.) Ice storms are the related cause of the most deaths in a year.

3.) Ice can increase the weight of a branche by 30 times.

4.) Canada, United States and New York all have ice storms.

5.) Ice storms start off as Hail.


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Thank you for listening to our presentation about ice storms, Does anyone have any questions?