Livonia Warriors FIRST Robotics

2015 Game Plan of Attack

March 23, 2015

FRC 2832 --The Livonia Warriors won the FIRST Imagery Award at the WoodHaven District

FIRST Robotics held a District Competition this past weekend in Woodhaven, Michigan. Schools from all over the Metro-Detroit area came in droves. Through the heat of competition, The Livonia Warriors FRC 2832 -- made up of the three high schools in Livonia: Churchill, Stevenson, and Franklin -- were one persistent robotics team in maintaining the vitality of our robot. The Warriors had six weeks to build a game-specific functioning robot this year for the Recycle Rush game, It took the entire time to construct the beautiful machine that was then named Jörð. They achieved 3rd place alliance (out of 40 possible coalitions), but even more successful was the acquisition of the Imagery Award.

This award is a celebration of attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team appearance. Albeit the imagery squad had problems with both a limit on weight of the robot and time constraints, their finished product conquered all others in its charm and creativity. Many weeks were spent outlining the drawing and photo-shopping the original to create the professional artwork that was fastened to the robot; and all of the energy expended seemed to be worth it when the team, vibrant with smiles, walked up to receive the award. Ultimately, the Woodhaven Competition, at least for The Livonia Warriors, was a triumph in not only how the robot performed, but also how FIRST Robotics touches so many various technical aspects of education.

Emma Farquharson, Stevenson High School

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Imagery Award: Woodhaven District Competition March 2015
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