To Kill a Mockingbird

The Trial


Use this infographic to help you understand the trial. This will focus on the testimony of the following characters:

- Heck Tate

- Mr. Bob Ewell

- Mayella Ewell

- Tom Robinson

Heck Tate

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Tate's Testimony

  • Fetched by Mr. Ewell
  • Mr. Ewell informs Tate that a rape has occurred
  • Mayella on the floor - beaten
  • Mayella washes her face
  • Room is slung about
  • He brings Tom back - Mayella says that its Tom
  • Atticus: How was she beaten? Why no doctor called? Where are the bruises?
  • Beaten on the right side, bruises around her neck
  • According to Tate: no need for a doctor

Mr. Bob Ewell

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B. Ewell's Testimony -- Similar to Tate

  • Coming from the woods and he hears Mayella screaming
  • Runs to the window - Tom raping Mayella, the room is a mess
  • Tom flees
  • Asks Mayella: Who done it?
  • Atticus: Why no doctor called? Can you read and write?
  • Bob Ewell is left handed.

Mayella Ewell

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M. Ewell's Testimony

  • On the front porch - Tom walked by and asked for help chopping up the chiffarobe.
  • Tom says yes
  • Mayella claims she went into the house to get a nickel to pay and he attacks her.
  • He grabs her from behind and chokes her, throws her on the floor and takes advantage of her
  • According Mayella, she fought back
  • Atticus: questions whether Tom hit her -- she can't remember

Tom Robinson

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Robinson's Testimony

  • Acknowledges knowing Mayella - claims he has helped her in the past
  • Refuses the nickel
  • He chopped up the chiffarobe months ago not November 21
  • Tried to get him to do something inside the house and Mayella tries to kiss him
  • Strange for the children not to be in the house -- saved up money for the kids to get ice cream
  • He flees because he is scared of being accused of something that he didn't do -- having to go to court
  • When you are an African - American, you have to be scared -- according to Tom
  • Bob Ewell saw Mayella kiss Tom

Atticus Finch

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Atticus' closing arguments

  • Tom has a crippled left hand -- no way for him to hit and choke Mayella
  • Black v. White (racism, segregation) -- Equality (court system)
  • Shouldn't be in court -- Tom didn't do it
  • In courthouse, only place where all men are created equal
  • No medical evidence
  • Only witnesses are the people who were there -- Tate did not see what happened (only speculation)
  • Mayella lies to the court because she was guilty of what she has done (kissing a black man)
  • Tom feels bad for Mayella
  • Everyone lies not just African Americans