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How to Choose a Suitable PCB Manufacturer?

High precision electronic products will generally go through three phases: research and development, trial production and mass production. How to choose a PCB factory at different times? Many circuit design and procurement can not accurately find the right suppliers. In the choice of printed circuit board manufacturer, we should first know the market position of each supplier, so as to obtain a reasonable price and high quality service; otherwise we have to choose a compromise solution. In the R & D phase, we will encounter some problems, race against time, and repeated testing. Sometimes we are chased by our customers and then finish carelessly.

There is a misunderstanding that time is related to product quality and production speed of the printed circuit board, such as 1-2 days urgent order, some important testing process is often ignored or testing standards are lowered in the production, the quality of such products is discounted when being handed to R & D personnel.

Haste often makes waste. After researchers weld the components, if not up to testing effect, then they will take a very long time on investigation, which is much longer than the quality guaranteed PCB, and will create a lot of trouble for development cycles. Therefore, from an economic and the speed comprehensive consideration, it is better to choose a guaranteed manufacturer. The normal cycle provided by some factories is slower than other similar manufacturers, it's not because they reduce the standard, mainly because their technical level needs to be improved.

Take double-sided printed circuit board for example, the sample production cycle of 3-9 days is very reasonable, such plants can guarantee the quality of products, but also can provide 5-20 square meters of small quantities according to the needs of customers during the period. At the same time, the price is generally between 700-1200 RMB. If some manufacturers offer you a cheaper price, you should pay particular attention to product quality, and you also need to have stringent requirements for its service quality.

If you are not short of money and have reasonable development plan, then it is very necessary choose PCB manufacturers with stable delivery and quality assurance. Some factories blindly pursue for the speed and inexpensive price, the printed circuit boards they handle to the customers will have some problems during the test, for whatever reasons, this loss will only affect the development cycle, as well as company honor, and is more likely to endanger the life of people.

When your plant is at an elevated stage, many customer complaints are sure to be avoided during the product trial operation, because more customer complaints, the greater impact on your products in the market. Now electronics market is rapidly changing, a small PCB could lead to the loss of a large number of customers. When you products cross development and small quantities going to the large market, you also need to choose a reliable partner in order to allow the company evergreen!