Principal's Corner #7

September 20, 2019

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Our staff can really ROAR

  • To Megan McDermott, you have been helping so many students and helping teams get certain things in place. Your organization and professionalism in all meetings is so appreciated.



  • To Carrie Revers, Melissa Adler and Joan Salinger for helping pull together last minutes letters for our 2nd grade families last Friday.
  • To Carrie Revers for her attention to detail as she finalizes our evaluation safety plans for students.
  • To Natalie Morris for going above and beyond to support a student and doing whatever it takes to keep all kids safe.
  • To Lauren Alpert and Jodie Langstaff for taking time for their other schools to help complete an assessment at COT. I appreciate you.
  • To Darren Gaines for knowing just what to say at just the right time.
  • To Erin Wehrle for allowing her student the opportunity to engage in a courageous conversation with her. It is evident that you are invested in our students.
  • To Sally Wuthrich, Sarah Hammershaimb, and Nicole Hargreaves for showing leadership during our staff meeting and getting us started on time when I was able to do so. Thank you.
  • To Kathy Jansen for taking a lead in getting all of the MTSS/PST meetings on our calendars.
  • To Kate Howard to opening up her classroom as part of a safety plan.
  • To Scott Rogers and Megan McDermott for their willingness to step up and help cover a class when needed.

From Katie Johnson


  • To Kori Shaiman, you work so hard for the school, students, and staff. Thank you for all you do and for the advocation you give for your co-workers and students.



  • To Lauren Alpert, for traveling with 3rd grade on our Denver field trip to assist with a special friend. You were such a great help. THANK YOU! :)

Kelli Minatta



Included is also a possible professional practice goal (PPG); I encourage you to review your self evaluation and determine a PPG that works for you and your growth as an educator.

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We will run a special October ROAR Class PAW Challenge!

Starts Monday, September 23 and Ends Thursday, October 10

You will receive orange Cougar PAWs to start using Monday. Please use these PAWS to recognize other classes for demonstrating ROAR behavior. This is a great time to review the matrix with your class. On Friday, October 11th we will push around a ROAR Caring Cart to the class from each grade level that has the most orange ROAR PAWS outside their door. REMEMBER - you CANNOT give your own class a PAW.

What is CCAC? What is PASS?

Cottonwood Creek Advisory Committee (CCAC)

formally known as Principal Accountability Committee

This committee is intended to provide an opportunity for communication and transparency between administration and our community. Attendance is open to all and we welcome your participation and support. This to be an opportunity to address topics of interest and/or concern. During our first CCAC meeting, we will review our school's test results from the annual state-wide testing (CMAS).

P.A.S.S.(Partnerships for Academically Successful Students)

The District P.A.S.S. is comprised of parents, Cherry Creek teachers and administrators, and community members. P.A.S.S. supports the district's goal of Inclusive Excellence and is a critical component of systemic equity transformation. P.A.S.S. at the district level, is led by the Executive Director of Inclusive Excellence and supported by the P.A.S.S. Steering Committee, and serves the purpose of engaging community members in meaningful and effective partnerships that lead to positive outcomes for all students, but more specifically, students of color. P.A.S.S. is a structure that fosters the intentional building of relationships between the school and the parent communities in an effort to create an inclusive learning environment for all students. P.A.S.S. also gives parents and guardians of students of color voice and direct access to administration. P.A.S.S. at the school level, is led by the administration. This year I will guide our Partnership for Academically Successful Students.

Do you want colored IRLA Skill Cards to send home? If so, email me!

Lockdown Drill is scheduled for Thursday, September 24th at 8:15am.

Please be sure to take time to review our lockdown procedures (see below). Remember a lockdown is used when there is a significant risk or dangerous person inside the building. It is important to have these conversations with our students. If you need help having this conversation with your class, reach out to admin and/or mental health.
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100% of our students have IRLA reading levels entered into SchoolPace! WAY TO GO!

Pre and Post Observation Questions: Click Here.

We have uploaded the documents we will be using for pre and post observation conferences into our "Evaluation" folder on our COT Team Drive. These are meant to help guide and focus are conversations; you do not have to provide a hard copy.

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Tuesday, September 24: 8:15AM Lockdown Drill

Wednesday, September 25: Inclusive Excellence Committee Meeting

Thursday, September 26: Social Committee Meeting

Thursday, September 26: Cottonwood Creek Advisory Committee Meeting, 6-7pm, Innovation Space

Friday, September 27: Katie out in the AM

Monday, September 30: Katie Out in the AM, Solution Based Leadership

Cottonwood Creek Elementary School