For Sale-A Pugglesarus

Prices: Tiny:$1.99 Medium:$2.99 Ginormous:$348.32

This animal is very good for a starting family! It also looks like a ordinary puggle, but it's way better! Also they are very good dancers!

Puggles also are very good dancers and love to play! They also get along with other animals!

So what make a pugglesarus special?

Well, if you are looking for a guard dog the medium size and the ginormous size is perfect for the job! Tiny size and medium size is good if you are looking for a lap dog! Like I said before pugglesaruses are very good dancers and if you want a show dog they can do that too!Did I mention they are adorable? Well, they are!

They are guaranteed awesome if for some reason they are not awesome call 704-HELP-232 or go to this website

Pugglesaruses do not eat thesauruses

It is a myth that pugglesaruses eat thesauruses, unless you train your pugglesarus to eat thesauruses!