The Three Major Religions in Europe

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

All three religions have a common history, but they also have different beliefs about God and man. Sometimes these beliefs can cause disagreements between people. Wars have been fought and government leaders have been changed because of religion. Today most Europeans can choose their own religion.

Into the religions

Judaism was founded by Abraham about 2000 BC. Judaism's religious holy book , the Torah is the first five books of the writings of Moses. Judaism believes in one God and the words of his prophets. People who believe in Judaism are called Jews and in Europe there are around 15 million members, although this may seem like a lot it has the least amount of followers than any of the other three religions in Europe.

Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ about 30 AD. Christianity's holy book, the Bible are the five books of Moses. In Christianity beliefs are based on Jesus: love of God and neighbor, a regard for justice, a belief that Jesus is the son of God. Christianity has about 2.1 billion followers and has the most followers out of any other religion in Europe.

Islam founded by Muhammad about 610 AD. Followers are called Muslims. Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last of the prophets, which include Abraham and Jesus.