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Media Literacy

When I hear the word media I automatically think of paparazzi and propaganda. But in reality there are so many different forms of media that most of us don’t even think about. To me media means connecting with other people through either the radio, newspaper, the internet or even TV. In today’s society we have an abundance of different types of media to suit almost everyone’s style. Take me and my friends for instance. We mostly love sports and talk about sports so the media that appeals to us would be things like espn on TV, bleacher report app on your phone and even sports talk radio shows in the morning. With technology advancing every single year I no longer just ordered sports illustrated magazines from my middle school. I now just pull it up on my phone which is much easier and a lot quicker than waiting around each month for my one magazine to come in the mail. To me media and being media literate are two completely different things. Media is just what we call reporters and interviews that update us on things that interest us our even things that are important. I am not 100 percent sure what it means to be media literate, but because this is a language arts class you must be able to understand and analyze different forms of media. That can be anything from radio, Internet, newspapers, etc.… So I assume we will be learning all the skills that are necessary for us to be media literate.

24 Hours with Social Media

In today’s society we have so many different forms of media and entertainment that most countries don’t have access to. Here in America we are blessed enough to live our lives with a lot of care free things like sports and TV. But when you look at all of these other countries they have the unfortunate luck of living in war zones and they actually have real life problems. It’s like the proles who live in a war zone where bombs are constantly falling but no one seems to care because it happens all of the time. But in places like Syria the people there don’t focus on TV and sports a lot they have to focus on just simply staying alive. It’s funny just today I was talking to my sister how I can’t just sit down in quit and do my school work. I have to have the TV on and then on my laptop write papers or in this case a paragraph. She simply shakes her head and says “lol first world probs”. This shows that us Americans know that we have it easy and seem to take things for granted. So no I don’t think that the distraction run our life. We are blessed enough to not live in a war zone so we can have all of this freedom. Me personally I don’t like to compare our country to these dystopian societies because they are not the same at all and it just gets reparative.

I been Steph Curry with the shot

In today’s society we people are always seeing articles on twitter and other social media networks and find them interesting. Many of those articles are written by amateur journalists who are just trying to stir up internet with false accusations that hurt the credibility of those who are involved. I was on twitter the other day and as a major sports fan those are the articles that attract me. I came across one about Steph Curry. I am sure there is no need for an introduction considering he is the hottest NBA and most talked about professional athlete at the time. He is so popular that many athletic brands such as Nike, Adidas and under armor where all looking to sign him to a deal. Steph like many other athletes are Christians and like to write bible verses on somewhere on their uniform. Steph likes to write them on his shoes. According to the article Nike was the top contender and things were going well until Nike supposedly wanted him to stop writing the bible verses on his shoes. Steph Curry refused to sign a contract with Nike because the shoe company wouldn't allow him to put Bible verses on his sneakers. I thought this was ridiculous because Nike had a contract with Tim Tebow who was well known for righting John 3:16 on his eye black. I checked with snopes.com and it turns out there was some truth to the story but mostly all lies. Steph signed his sneaker deal with Under Armor which is huge for them for a company who doesn’t get big athletes like Steph. This got me thinking one of my friends is always trying to tell me about an article that he read and it will always be the most absorbed thing and he would believe it. It would always blow my mind with the information that he would throw at me because there is no way it could be true. I for one like to make sure my information is coming from a credible source because I feel that it is imperative to talk about correct information and not spreading lies and damaging others credibly.

Life of a Prole

The passage above from 1984 shows that the proles are the most human people in 1984. They are humane because they do the same activities that we do in our everyday life. Yes They may die much younger than what we do but that’s just because of the harsh living conditions they live in. when you look at the proles and compared the to the people of the outer party the proles play football, listen to music, and don’t spend every waking moment trying to please the government and Big Brother. They use these things as entertainment much like we do today. If we are having a horrible day at work or school we are blessed enough to be able to go out and do that thing that helps us get some of the stress out. I believe social media, sports isn’t somewhat controlling but I do believe it is needed to relax and to not think about the real world problems. Of course the bad thing with having access to all these great things is that and can be addicting and that we should monitor how much we use of each tool.

The Third Servile War

In 73 BC an uprising of the most unlikely group of slaves started a rebellion against at the time was the Roman Republic. Most people never hear about the Third Servile War because it was a failed mission lead by Spartacus and his 120,000 slaves. The Roman Republic had slaves and breed them to become gladiators to fight in the Coliseum. Spartacus being a well trained gladiator started the rebellion because he felt t was wrong for him and other slaves to be mistreated in such a horrific way. The third Servile War was an ultimate failure for Spartacus and his men. The Roman Republic was just simply too bi and too strong at the time to be beaten. A major problem that Spartacus and his troops had was the language and culture barriers that they faced. the culture differences often caused arguments and between the army and they just did not gel well together. This war was important because it was the last war the Romans fought before they became known as the Roman Empire. If Spartacus had been successful there would never have been an Empire, and who knows what history would be like now.

1984 Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is an American computer professional, former Central Intelligence Agency employee, and former contractor for the US Government who liked classified information to the public. Snowden was working for the NSA at the time and as everyone knows the NSA does surveillance to help protect our country from terroristic threats. Most people are okay with this however Snowden found out that the NSA was going to extreme measures and leaked this information. Snowden is a lot like Winston from 1984. Both Winston and Snowden believe that what their governments are doing are wrong and both were willing to go thru almost anything necessary to take down the government. To many both of these men would be considered heroes or even traders to their government. They are also different because Winston is willing to die for the cause but Snowden is not willing to die or get tortured so he fled to Russia where he could not be extradited back to the United States. Now Snowden will most likely live out the rest of his days in Russia which isn’t the most ideal thing in the world. O’Brien and Snowden are alike except that O’Brien is thought police. You can tell he is because it’s too obvious, everything with him is too perfect in my eyes. You really think that you can just turn off the telescreen? If O’Brien was truly against the government and Big Brother I would say him and Snowden would have virtually been the same person. However he isn’t there for Winston and Snowden are the most alike.

1984 Chapter : Room 101

Winston is now headed to room 101, the one place no one wants to go. We already know that room 101 is the place with your biggest fear. For example in waiting in room 101 for me would be a bunch of big nasty snakes. However for Winston his biggest fear is rats. So he will be tortured by rats which would be an absolute horrific punishment for anyone, but extremely horrible for him because of how afraid he is of them. While Winston is in room 101 I believe that he will break. I believe that Winston will learn to truly love Big Brother and the Party and not just say it, but actually truly mean it. But in order to do that he must first betray Julia by saying he doesn’t love her anymore because when you’re a loyal party member you only live one thing… Big Brother. After he is done with room 101 he will live for a little bit and then eventually they will bring him back to the ministry of love and will be killed, thus making Winston a victim to the party. He is a victim just like everyone else because he was brain washed into loving Big Brother just like everyone else who enters the ministry of love. When it comes to O’Brien he is a villain for the government. He just does what he has to do to stay in power much like most people in his position would do. He is a villain and a weapon because he is able to get people like Winston trust and make them believe that there a thing called the brother hood and is then able to write a fake book too. All just to arrest them and torture them until they love big brother and the party.


Although I did sleep a great deal and was on my phone the majority of the class, I do feel as if i did learn things in this class. I found out how to write precis, how media literacy works. when i first started this class i thought it would be more about magazines and ads and how they use the media. Yes it was we did learn some of that but i never thought we would end up talking about social media so much. I didn't think that was part of being media literate at first but now i see that it clearly is. another thing that this class helped me realize is how time really flies. It is crazy to think that just a mere fourteen years ago we started our first days of school, and now we are 2 weeks away from graduating high school and starting fresh in college in the fall. The work we did was never hard, and never did we have homework, which I am grateful for. I learned to always read the book, not the movie, and that even though I remember a precis at 11:00, there is still a chance to finish it. The class honestly flew by. It felt like a month ago that we did our first smore, and now to think we are doing our last and that my last final, my last grade in high school is in 2 weeks is just so real.I also learned that i wish i tried a little harder in this class because its the only class a cant exempt and i am not really looking forward to sitting in class dressed up "watching" people do their speech. This language arts class was unique in the way that we were never really tested on what we know. like we never took a comprehensive test on anything we did. That was different and strange to me but i liked it being a second semester senior. The class was a easy class I was just being lazy. I would change one thing to help make the class better. I suggest that next year try not to takes long to read 1984. I know a lot of people who grew impatient and was annoyed with the whole thing. Felt like we did a lot of unnecessary activities and stopped way to often while reading. Besides that it was a great class but now I am ready to graduate and get out of here.

Prince Ea's Message

We have an epidemic on our hands. People would rather talk and text on their phone than speak in person and hold conversations. We are addicted to social media and there is no other way to put it. It blew my mind when Prince said that the average adult attention span is one second lower than a goldfish. Its funny because now when people say "you have the attention span of a gold fish" that is now a complement because that is one second better than adults. Social media came around to connect to other people and become a second way to communicate, not the first and only way. Now of days, people prefer to use phones and other electronics instead of asking for directions like back in the day, although I must admit it is much easier to just simply type in where you want to go rather than trying to follow someone else instructions. We as a society must have some self control and put the phone away, at concerts take one picture. Do not miss the entire concert because you were too busy illegally recording the concert from your phone just to prove to everyone that you went. Let yourself go back to before you had these electronics dictating your life.