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Counselor Check In

Hey Knights!

We know this new transition has many of you feeling anxious, frustrated and nervous. It's totally normal to feel all these feelings, especially when we aren't sure of what to expect and what's expected of us! In this newsletter we have some resources and tips to help make this transition a little smoother.

Just remember...Even though it seems like we have no control over anything right now, we can control how we react to it so don't forget to show yourself some grace, do what you can and be ok with it!


What you can do to prepare

As virtual classes start TODAY, it's important to try and get yourself back into a routine that includes dedicated time for learning. This is going to look differently for everyone and that's ok, we'll get there!

Here are a few tips and ideas that can help you be successful

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Shower and get ready for the day
  • Have breakfast
  • Use a planner or a weekly calendar that includes each of your teachers office hours, scheduled Google Meet times and code, and due dates
  • Set up reminders on your phones, Schoology, and email
  • Get up and move
  • Make a list of any questions you might have for your teachers and keep it with your device, for easy reference
  • During your Meet time- Be present, keep an open mind and cut your teacher a little slack, this is new for them too
  • If you need a break, take one. IT'S OK
  • SHOW THAT GORGEOUS FACE Your teachers miss seeing you! They expect you to "show up" for the designated class MEET time. * If you can't make it to your scheduled time, email your teacher as soon as possible to make other arrangements *
  • DO THE WORK! Assignments are posted by 8 am Monday morning, you have until 11:59 pm Friday night to complete them

** If you need help setting up a calendar or notifications please reach out to Ms. R at

Big picture

Important Local / National Resource Numbers

United Way: 211

Crisis text line: Text the word "HOME" to 741741 for free 24 hour support

Maryland Suicide and Crisis Hotline: 1.800.422.0009

Baltimore County DSS: 410.887.TIME

Baltimore County Crisis Response: 410.931.2214

Maryland Food Bank: 410.737.8282

Nutrition Resources

Baltimore County Public Schools will continue to distribute grab and go meals to students through Friday, April 24th. With the exception of state recognized holidays, Good Friday, April 10th and Easter Monday, April 13th

Arbutus Elementary School

Baltimore Highlands Elementary School

Battle Grove Elementary School

Berkshire Elementary School

Carney Elementary School

Carriage Hill Apartments

Chadwick Elementary School

Chesapeake High School

Church Lane Elementary School (as of Thursday, Mar. 26)

Cove Village Apartments, Essex, in front of rental office

Deep Creek Middle School

Deer Park Middle School

Dulaney High School

Dundalk Elementary School

Dundalk High School

Elmwood Elementary School

Featherbed Elementary School

General John Stricker Middle School (as of Thursday, Mar. 26)

Glyndon Elementary School

Halstead Academy

Hawthorne Elementary School

Johnnycake Elementary School

Kings Point Shopping Center in front of Kiddie Koach

Lansdowne High School

Logan Elementary School

Middle River Middle School

Milbrook Elementary School

New Town High School

Oakleigh Elementary School

Owings Mills Elementary School

Padonia Elementary School

Parkville High School

Pleasant Plains Elementary School

Riverview Elementary School

Rosedale Library

Saddle Brooke Apartments

Sandy Plains Elementary School

Scotts Branch Elementary School

Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center

Sparrows Point High School

Stemmers Run Middle School

St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church, Eastern Ave.

Sussex Elementary School

Westchester Elementary School

Westland Gardens Apartments

Whispering Woods Complex

Winfield Elementary School

Woodlawn Middle School

Woodmoor Elementary School

Woodmoor Shopping Center

Additional Resources

** If you need help finding resources for things other than food, please reach out to your counselor for further assistance.

Take care of yourself

Let's be real for a minute. Everything has changed so much and so quickly, it's hard to feel like we have control of our own lives. Here are a couple things to try when you're feeling overwhelmed and need to get grounded
Headspace | Meditation | Getting Started
5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere
10 minute Morning Yoga for Beginners

In case you need visual reminders...

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You've Got This Knights !!