FBI Agent

Career that involves a foreign language

An FBI agents job is to protect the United States from terriost attacks, protect the United States from foreign intellignece operations and espionage, protect the United States from cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes, combat public corruption at all levels, protect civil rights, combat major white-collar crime, and combat significant violent crime. While working on the job an FBI agent could be working with many dangerous people. At any time the FBI agent could be shot or hold hostage from someone they are investigating. Some benefits in this career is they having your health and life insuarance payed for. Most postitons in the FBI require a Bachlors Degree and in some postitons a masters degree in a university. You would need to join the FBI Academy and go through traning to pass and become an FBI agent. The average salary for an FBI agent is $39, 952 to $137,509 a year.