Have You 'Herd'?

From Kinosayo Elementary School

Tidings from the Administration

HAPPY NEW YEAR Kino Families!!!!!

The world continues to be topsy turvey and we continue to adapt and shift as we need. Regardless of this I hope that everyone was able to have a rest, recharge and reconnect with loved ones over the break.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support and understanding. The Kinosayo community is so fantastic!

Below you will find information from the division with reminders of the COVID protocols and updates on COVID information.

We are still waiting to receive the masks and rapid tests from the province. We expect them early next week. Once we have them we will be sending rapid tests home with students and we will hold onto the masks and hand out medical masks each morning. Masks are still required on buses and upon entering the school, so please keep bringing your own masks to wear until you get to your classroom for your day's mask. As always, if you forget we will work it out, no stress needed.

Thank you for filling out the survey we sent out this week. In the coming weeks homeroom teachers will coordinate with families who are choosing to stay home, or for those students who have symptoms so need to stay home, or are ill. Each situation will call for a slightly different solution depending on family needs, so the easiest way is to coordinate as this happens. Generally, material will be sent home or uploaded to google classroom for students to access and staff will make arrangements to check in when needed.

We will continue to communicate as we hear of COVID cases, and we appreciate the communication families have with us in this regard. The process for moving to online learning is a little bit different than before the break. We will be keeping a close eye on student and staff absences and regularly communicating with the Superintendent to identify needs in this area.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us here at the school and we will work together to find answers.

We are excited to see our kiddos back on Monday. A quiet school is creepy, so we are excited for the students to return to bring the building back to life!!

Have a great weekend!

Take care!

Thank you,

Meg and Brian

Important Dates

  • Monday, January 10th: First day back after winter break
  • Monday, January 10th: Parent Council + KPA Meeting at 6.30pm

Update on the Return to School

The provincial government has committed to sending medical-grade masks and rapid tests to school divisions. Shipments have started this week, and we are hopeful to have some supplies delivered by today or early next week. Once we receive our supplies we will distribute them to our schools as quickly as possible. Alberta Education has created a “How To Video” for the proper use of the rapid testing kits which you can find here.

Masking: At this time, we are strongly encouraging all students to use the medical-grade masks that are being provided by the government over the next month. However if students continue to wear family-provided cloth masks, we are asking that these masks be well-fitted 3-ply cloth masks that include a filter.

Updates From the Provincial Government: We are currently waiting on provincial guidance documents, and once we receive these documents we will update our division website. Key items include:

  • mandatory masking for all K-12 students; we strongly recommend the use of a well-fitted parent provided 3-ply cloth mask with a filter or a school-provided medical-grade mask;

  • cohorting where possible;

  • continued focus on hand and respiratory hygiene;

  • continued use of Merv 13 filters in all schools and regular monitoring of all HVAC systems;

  • students attending school only when healthy, staying home when symptomatic (even mild symptoms);

  • open communication between home and school regarding Covid cases; and

  • continued transparent reporting of reported Covid cases on the division website.

Our website contains more information regarding isolation requirements, rapid tests and more, so please refer to https://www.spschools.org/district_operations/covid-19 for more information and important links.

Covid 19 Update

We are committed to being transparent and responsive to our school community. As we continue to navigate Covid-19, we ask that families to continue to complete a daily screening before sending your child to school (a revised screening tool from the government will be updated and shared soon). Although not required, we ask that families let us know of any positive COVID test results as this allows us to understand COVID cases in our school setting and to best plan for the safety of all.

Please also keep in mind that, depending on case numbers in our schools, we could move affected classes online, and it could happen quickly and with little notice. We know this is difficult for families, but any such decisions are made in the best interest of student and staff wellbeing. Although it’s hard to prepare for the unknowns, we are ready for quick transitions so that your child’s learning is not negatively impacted.