Literacy Update and Information

For MS ELA teachers

The goal for 2016-2017 and beyond....

I hope you all had the chance to meet Christina, our new literacy consultant. If not, you will have the opportunity in the very near future. I wanted to relay what we plan on doing for the remainder of this year.

First and foremost, we will focus on completing the curriculum and the summative assessments with a focus on the 5th and 6th grades. She will also review our curriculum in depth and align it with the CCSS across all grade levels. She will analyze which standards we are focusing on in our current curriculum and help us determine where we have to add or delete content. It will be a long process but one we must do to ensure we are hitting the standards. Throughout the year she will also visit classroom to get a feel for the style and delivery of content across the grade levels.

At this point, we are going to approach this in a similar fashion to when we had the previous consultant. The dates are listed below and you are welcome to meet with Chris during your prep on those days. I will also arrange for coverage for some teachers during LZ. Chris is very open to you contacting her in between visits. I only ask that I be copied on any emails between you. Contact her at

Moving forward, please email Chris with a digital copy of each completed unit assessment to date, including major unit projects or extended writing pieces. She is going to review all of our assessements as well.

As part of my work with the consultant, she and I will be developing a 2 year Literacy Action Plan so we are all working toward a common goal. I will share this with you as we complete it. I can tell you that this year's goal has not changed but moving forward we will introduce a reading inventory for grades 5 and 6, have discussions about the CCSS in general in all grade levels and provide some classroom modeling on instructional techniques. Again, that is future work. Right now we need to get our curriculum done and in place!

Please see me if you have any questions, concerns or ideas for moving forward. This will be a team effort. I appreciate all you have already done with our literacy and I thank you for that.

MS Literacy Consultant Dates

These are the remaining days already on the calendar. We will be adding 4 more plus a possible "workshop" day where I can utilize grant money to pay for subs. I will keep you updated on this as more information comes forward. The dates are as follows;

Thursday, February 4th

Friday, February 5th

Tuesday, February 16th

Friday, February 26th

Monday, Feb 29th

Friday, March 4th

Friday, March 11th

She will also be with us on these PD Days;

Thursday, March 24th

Friday, May 27th

June 9th and 10th (half days)