The Way We Fall

By: Megan Crewe

"The Wall We Fall" is based upon the survival of Kaelyn and her family while a dangerous virus spreads through the small island.

The Way We Fall

A Rollercoaster of Emotions

The book is in diary format so you hear everything from Katlyn's point of view. You get to hear her every happy, sad, and scary moment through her own words creating a thrilliing and suspenseful feeling as the reader reads the next diary entry.

The author has left visuals of famous people who resemble the characters in her mind.

Kaeyln is most closely reperesented by Carmen Ejogo, Tessa is reperesented by Bonnie Wright, and Leo by Jang Geun Suk. 

More about Megan Crewe the author

It Starts with Raychel

Raychel's dad seems to be taking it hard with the flu. He even starts to say dilusional things. Then a few days later Raychel is out sick too. Kaylen suspects something more.


     From the time the book starts its a suspenseful book. Its done as a diary from a teen. This makes it relatable to teen readers. Kaelyn has had trouble in moving. She missed her boyfiend in New York. His name is Leo, and she writes in hopes that one day she acn see him again. On the Island she is excluded. Her dad being a docter when the virus breaks out, knows how to protect her throgh certian things. He sees it first hand. Eventually some of her friends alos perish. One even gives up their life for her. At the very end she can see the boats coming to rescue them. She dreams of being able to see Leo again.