Regina Jr Sr High Newsletter

Mid-Summer 2019

From the Principal

We have sent out another great group of seniors to the world and completed another successful school year. Thank you for the great support you show to Regina. These successes would not be possible without you.

You will see some dust flying around the school this summer. Thanks to the great support of our donors and the hard work of the Regina Foundation and Capital Campaign Committee, big changes will be taking place. The modular classrooms and old weight room will be going down to make room for a new educational wing. This will also include some changes to our parking and driving areas in the back of the school. The elementary will be getting a new playground. Most of the bathrooms in the center will receive a well-deserved makeover.

We also have some changes in our teaching staff. We say good bye to Lauren Hunstad (English - 1 year), Gordon Hackett (Science - 4 years), Bill Koenig (Math - 4 years), and Martha Hartwig (Math - 13 years). We thank them for their hard work and dedication to our students.

We welcome Conice McIntyre (math), Nancy Owen (English), and Matt Staab (Math & Science).

I pray that all of you have a great rest of your summer.

Glenn Plummer

Semester 2 Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following students for making the semester 2 Honor Roll!

GOLD (3.75+)


Armstrong, Catalina Maria

Berg, Holden D

Boblenz, William G

Boileau, Faith M

Burer, Natalie A

Burke, Noelle A

Clark, Allison S

Clark, Jack M

Conlon, Amanda K

Dumont, Gentry Walker

Eckhoff, Rachel Ann

Farnsworth, William Charles

Goedken, William

Heredia, Ava Montes

Herrera-Sinnwell, Emiliano

Hoover, Jack Dennis

Huting, Maggie R

Jensen, Alex Thomas

Kangni, Precilia Ayele

Klitgaard, Catherine R

Larragoite, Zofia C

Martin, Michael David

Molony, Kathryn M

Noble, Owyn O

Nwaneri, Obinna Ndubuisi

Pendland, Nicolas E.

Poe, Elizabeth Erin

Polyak, Jozsef M

Pritchard, Lydia

Rogers, Thomas M

Rogers, Toryn Malyn

Schuessler, Abigail

Shey, Thomas J

Sickels, Keira Lea

Smith, Riordan S

Sprengelmeyer, William Daniel

Timmerman, Alaina M

Udell, Ian C

Wagner, Sydney M

Welsh, Nathan Michael

Wendy, Kaleab Kashaun

Xia, Lillian Li


Anil, Amy Maria

Bryan, Ella Korinne

Burger, Genevieve Anne

Faudel, Alexis Joan

Gonzalez, Brooke Lynn

Hein, Hailey Mae

Heredia, Theodora Reiss

Irving, Carson Brett

Kessler, Courtney Jean

Knepper, Peter Edward

Koch, Lauren Rose

Kratz, Claire L

Krause, James Hubert

Maley, Daniel Walter

McNamara, Saffron Elizabeth

Nguyen, James T

Panther, Jillian Rae

Probst, Lia Clare

Santillan, Lillian Paige

Schnoebelen, Sophia Teresa

Schomer, Matthew Thomas

Takacs, Michael James

Tierney, Jack Patrick

Venkedesh, Aniruth

Whitaker, Mya Ann

Ye, Kangnan


Aitchison, Samuel Joel

Boblenz, Adam David

Clark, Aden Matthew

Crigger, Charles William

Dockery Jackson, Sarah E

Dumont, Hayden Caroline

Franklin, Natalie Rose

Greving, Allison L

Hageman, Aden A

Hein, Allison Marie

Jensen, Carson James

Joss, Alexa Jane

Matthes, Hannah Morgan

Nibaur, Emma Lorraine

Nugent, Madeline E

Oliver, Aseneta L

Pursley, Josie Rose

Santos, Madeline Whitney

Schuessler, Isabella Helen

Shetler, Caden Raymond

Simpson, Hope Louise

Spies, Alexandra V

Sueppel, Tierney Jane

Udell, Aidan Ronald

Van Swol, Trevor P

von Harz, Ethan John

Voss, Josie Marie

Wiese, Andrew Roger

Windsor, Camille


Abusada, Nicholas William

Brandt, Hannah Lynn

Chen, Shenyuan

Clark, Abigail Mary

Clark, Olivia E

Cook, Ashton Evan

Gasparoni, Isabella MPW

Goedken, Jonathan Jack

Jensen, Lucas Ted

Kaska, Abigail Marie

Kratz, Nicholas A

Liu, Xinran

Martin, Sarah Catherine

Milder, Kathryn Rosemary

Molony, Daniel Domonic

Nugent, Sean D

Park, Elizabeth Bui Hoang

Sharpless, Lauren Julia

Sueppel, Emma Nicole

Thomsen, Sophia Angelina

Wagner, Nicholas Howard


Boileau, Ethan James

Burger, Abigail Elizabeth

Burlage, Luke Aaron

Colony, William Austin

Conlon, Claire Patricia-Lynn

Daniel, Casey Phillip

DeCoster, Charlotte Ann

Gaarde, Claire Elisabeth

Greving, Samantha J

Hein, Nicholas James

Hingst, Russell Philip

Huss, Maren Kathryn

Kerschen, Maya Isobel

Krueger, Brennan Lloyd

Kueter, Joseph William

Louvar, Kira Raittchel

Marzen, Jacob Patrick

Miller, Masen Robert

Murhammer, Nola Elizabeth

Schomer, Mark Stephan

Scott, Kennedy Sophia

Stenger, Stephanie Marie

Sullivan, Claire Denise

Welter, Emma Elizabeth

Yoo, Seobeom


Barnett, Bryce J

Bracken, Katherine Rose

Chiu, Yen-Chi Archie

Clark, Patrick J

Connell, Caitlyn Brookhart

Dunne, Maeve Aisling

Evans, Jaedynn Ann

Graff, Mary Catherine

Homewood, Makensey Rae

Kratz, Zachariah

Krueger, Josie Mae

Lenz, Grant Dennis

Lobodiak, Suzanne Debra

Martin, Anna Frances

Marzen, Luke Joseph

Munoz, Alana

Ochoa, Tatiana Marie

Rhomberg, Daniel James

Schnoebelen, Claire Gianna

Schomer, Brian James

Sharpless, Grace Terese

Stein, Luke Michael

Van Swol, Tyler K

VanLandschoot, Ellie Grace

Wallace, Kennedy Reese

Wiese, Alex Rae

Zhai, Xiaoya Ada

Zhang, Shenyuan K

Zimmerman, Jenna Marie

BLUE (3.5-3.749)


Baker, Colin D

Comer, Sara Elizabeth

Gahan, Morgan Elizabeth

Locher, Luke Michael

Loening, Evan Matthias

Nelson Boutros, Lilien G

Petersen, Edward M

Squiers, Morgan Marie


Gaarde, Grace Jacqueline

Lacina, Evan Kyhl

Liu, Qiming Steven

Monestina, Jose Enrique

Zimmerman, Leah Nicole


Correia, Julia Cruz de Gusmao

Dillon, Allison Margaret

Graff, Gabriel Douglas

Kelly, Jackson D

Kerschen, Coltrae

Lehman, Cameron Thomas

Marzen, William David

Rios, Carter Bradley

Rogers, Xander Michael

Triplett, Andrew John


Clarahan, Kelsey Elizabeth

Gahan, Annabelle Patricia

Lacina, Paige Irene

Maley, Madeline June


Adam, Madeline S

Dutchik, Joshua Francis

Gahan, Elizabeth Marie

Icardi, Steven Jose

Lim, Woosung

Miller, Andrew M


Balke, Breanna Stephanie

Banta, Benjamin A

Brown, Kieler Jacob

Chen, Shouzheng Sean

Hamilton, Madeline Grace Tran

Iben, Xavian Grey

Marth, Lauren Michelle

Nibaur, Isabella Mae

Nugent, Emily

Petersen, Max Thomas

Pursley, Alisa Marie

Vittetoe, Molly Louise

Regina Teacher John Demory Awarded with a High School Inclusive Teacher Award

The Iowa City Equity and Human Rights Office recognized area high school teachers for their inclusive teaching at an award ceremony on Friday, June 28 at the Iowa City Public Library. The award recognizes teachers who make every student in all of their classes feel welcome and encouraged no matter their gender, race, or ability level. Talk to any student and they would say Mr. Demory is a perfect choice to receive this award.

Congratulations to John Demory, master art teacher, for this well-deserved award!

Regina Alumnus Matt Greiner Honored by Kirkwood

Congratulations to Culinary Arts Alumnus Matt Greiner!
Matt is this month’s Kirkwood Study Abroad Alumni. Matt is from Iowa City and attended Kirkwood from 2013-2018. He earned two degrees from Kirkwood, one Associate of Arts and the other Culinary Arts. While studying at Kirkwood, Matt participated in a Culinary Arts study abroad program to the Apicius School of the Arts in Florence, Italy. He and several classmates and friends, were invited back to Italy to “familiarize and perfect recipes at the James Beard House in fall 2017”. Matt was invited to Italy again to take Apicius’ Master’s Program in Italian cuisine. His experiences have influenced his life, and career. “This was something I had never imagined doing and find this experience an invaluable learning tool going forward in my career” he noted. He has completed the Master’s Program and is continuing his career in Italy.

Teens and Sleep

The following information is from a JAMA Pediatrics Research Letter.

  • 3% of U.S. teen girls met national recommendations for daily sleep, physical activity, and screen time.
  • 7% of U.S. teen boys met national recommendations for daily sleep, physical activity, and screen time.
  • 16-year-olds were 23% less likely (and 17-year-olds were 46% less likely) than younger kids to get the right amounts of sleep, exercise, and screen time.

Daily recommendations are 8-10 hours of sleep, 1 hour exercise, and 2 hours or less of screen time.

Mobile Device Management Solutions

The following 3 solutions were given as the top 3 by Fredy Padovan in Momentum magazine. These solutions are designed to help parents teach their children responsible use of technology. This is in no way an endorsement of these 3 solutions.

  • ScreenGuide - free for 1 device, paid version for up to 10 devices; Key feature allows parents to give a total amount of time the device can be used each day and also reward extra time
  • Qustodio - free for 1 device, paid version up to 5 devices; Key feature allows unlimited use of some apps while restricting use on other apps
  • Kapersky Safe Kids - free and up to $19.95 per year; computer-based instead of app or browser based; Key feature is geofencing which allows parents to be notified when a child's device goes outside a pre-determined area