Undead Dodgeball

After Reading our procedure you will be dying to play ball.

This game is designed for anyone and everyone who wants a different spin on dodgeball


You will need the following:

Five to ten players and equal Balls to match

A Gymnasium

Safety Concerns

Upon playing, you may run into these safety concerns; tripping hazard, people running into each-other, etc. We recommended that you use people who are aware of their own surroundings.

Setting up

You will need to separate the players Equally and alline the balls across the middle of the gym between players on both sides. After that you are ready to begin.

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How To Play

Congratulations! you have made it this far in learning how to play the game.

Begin playing normal dodgeball, but when you get hit in anywhere but the head you become ‘infected’ must throw balls at your own teammates and ‘infect’ them. If the ‘Infected’ personnel is hit with a ball from their own team, the first time they become ‘human’ again, but the second time you get hit, you are still ‘undead’ unless you get a ball to your head.

How Finish

The Point of the game is to have your team uninfected and the other team completely infected.

Now You Know How to play!

Go out there and bury 'em
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