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5th Grade News - Friday, April 24, 2015

Upcoming Events

* Heineman visit, Tuesday, April 28th (please return permission slips ASAP).

*PARCC Testing (round 2) Wednesday, 4/29 and Thursday, 4/30.

*Battle of the Books Competition on Friday, 5/1.

*Poetry House, Friday, May 8th (my reading students only), 8:45-9:30. Parents welcome!

*PTA Fundraiser - Fun Run Donations due Monday, 4/27! Free t-shirt if your child raises $10!


  • Need Tablet Help at Home? There is a parent/student resource folder available to you! This contains help sheets and instructions on how to use various apps, how to access materials, and some tablet basics. We will be adding more resources to the folder, so check back often!

    You can access the folder at: http://tinyurl.com/D158TechHelp


This week we read an expository text about the Wreck of the Titanic, and spent time examining the photos and graphic sources in the text. We also watched a documentary from Discovery Education which presented a dramatization of the events leading to the Titanic's demise....the students loved it!

I've met individually with all students, and provided an outline and/or graphic organizer for their use in organizing topics for the Famous Person Research Paper. Completed note cards, topics for paragraphs, and the Bibliography page are due on Tuesday, 4/28. If you could take a few moments to review your child's progress and sign off on their work I'd greatly appreciate it! We'll begin writing rough drafts next week.


This week we practiced creating algebraic expressions from situations and words (this is tough!!) and spent some time creating and analyzing line graphs which compared ratios and rates. We also explored the relationship between the diameter and circumference of a circle by measuring cylinder-shaped items from my house. :) We figured out that the relationship can be represented by the formula C = Pi x D; where D = diameter and Pi = 3.14. We'll wrap up Unit 10 next week and test early the week of May 4th.


In Science, ecosystem groups put together visual representation(s) of their assigned ecosystem and presented to the class. There were some very creative dioramas and posters! We also celebrated Earth Day by learning about the small percentage of earth that is viable for farming and growing crops (about 3%) through an activity with a giant cookie :) Check out the pictures below.....


As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Have an awesome weekend!

Dana Turk