Post Unit Reflection

Year 10 Red Religious Education

Informed Conscience

Some Catholics believe that an 'informed conscience" means that if they feel something is right or wrong, then that makes it okay for them. In other words, if one feels something is not sinful (such as abortion or divorce) then it isn't. This is a misapplication of the understanding of an informed conscience.

St. Catherine of Siena explained it well. Your conscience is like a guard dog that barks and alerts you to evil, sin, temptation, etc. But, you have to feed the dog. If you don't feed him, he becomes weaker and weaker until he no longer barks anymore. We have to feed our conscience with the word of God as proclaimed and taught by Holy Church.

An informed conscience is a well-fed conscience. A lot of people think conscience means they can do whatever they feel like even if it contradicts Holy Church--since they feel like doing it, they're conscience must be telling them its ok. Folks like this usually have a starved conscience and its their passions and the evil one they are actually listening to. A well-fed conscience should never contradict Holy Church.

Catholic Church Teachings On Sexual Intimacy

The church teaches that sexuality is a great gift, it finds its fullness in the commitment of marriage. Sexual intimacy involves all aspects of the human person, physical, emotional, social and intellectual.

Sexual acts have to functions. They are both unitive and procreative. Which means that two people are brought together in ta special way through intercourse or that their sexual intimacy has the potencial to start a new life.

Sexual acts must respect the dignity of each person.

Homosexual acts cannot be procreative.

The church teaches us these things because; we are all created with dignity, which gives us all rights, responsibilities and uniqueness.

Every human act should, sexual or otherwise should enhance and reflect the image, dignity and respect of each individual.

And for the need to maintain standards and to protect and promote these values.

Catholic Church Teachings on Contraceptives

As referred to earlier, sexual acts are to be unitive and procreative.

Both of these functions are equally special and important and are part of gods gift of sexuality.
Artificial contraception divides these functions and therefore makes sexual intercourse incomplete.

Natural methods result in the responsibility being shared between both parties as they are required to abstain from sexual intercourse when they are fertile.

What Is Important For A Healthy Relationship?

What is important in a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship, in my opinion, must consist of;

Communication - For with out it some one would have no idea as to where they stand in their relationship or problems may not be solved.

Honesty - With out it there would not be be trust, or varying degrees of trust.

Trust - With out trust, people could not rely on one another.

People must know their boundaries around each other, and can not push some one to far, because this may affect their view on each other. It could affect the level of trust, communication and trustworthyness.

Agree to Disagree and Move On. Most couples will encounter some issues upon which they will never completely agree. Rather than continuing a cycle of repeated fights, agree to disagree and negotiate a compromise or find a way to work around the issue.