Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - February 1

The Week That Almost Wasn't?

Thank goodness we don't have weather like this very often. Early in my career when I was a high school choral director, we had a Winter concert get snowed out and rescheduled for January. When the January date came around, it was snowed out again. That concert never happened. It reminds me of our staff meeting that was rescheduled from the 23rd to the 30th and then never happened.

To be honest, I'm a little stressed about everything we needed to accomplish in our missed staff meeting and the missed PD day. None of us likes to do things halfway and some of the topics that were missed (Bookroom, AdvancED, Trauma Sensitive, plans for AGR coaching 3rd trimester, updates from LT's, Lakeview committees) are big topics that we can't just skip past. I promise not to let the stress show and we'll figure it out together.

Raptor Visitor Management System

Our new visitor management system goes live on Monday, February 4th. Here are a few things you need to know:

• Every person in our building that is not employed by the school district of South Milwaukee needs to sign in through the Raptor system in the office and wear the provided name badge if they want to proceed past the office for any reason during the school day until the office closes for the day. No exceptions.

• If you, as a district employee, forgot your district ID or for some reason do not have one, you need to wear a Raptor name badge.

• Examples of people that are not district employees are daily subs from Teachers on Call, contractors, parents, retired staff volunteers. It doesn't matter how regularly they are here. If they are not our employee, they need to sign in.

• Spouses and family members of employees need to sign in if they want to go past the office. You can come to meet them in the office if they choose not to sign in.

• People that sign in need to sign out as well by returning to the office and returning their sticker. For example, do not let parents exit through the closest door when they are done volunteering.

• On rainy or cold mornings, parents may not be allowed past the lobby. The last remaining parents with this issue seem to be our 4K parents. They may wait in the lobby without signing in - or they may choose to sign in and wait in line by the 4K room.

• If you see someone without a sticker, ask them to go to the office. Call the office for assistance if necessary.

More thoughts about school safety

We look back at the various events that have caused us to use a "lock and hold" type procedure this year - local police activity, power outage, helicopters - and realize that if we are really good at that one procedure (lock and hold), it can be used flexibly for all sorts of events. You could imagine other events that it could also be used for such as medical emergencies inside the building, missing student, etc. Being really good at one procedure that can be used in a multitude of ways is the best plan of action. Also, be sure doors are locked all day so you can easily shut them in an emergency.

Learning Targets

Unfortunately, we did not get to finish our series of staff meetings about learning targets. But the learning and discussions at the first two meetings provided a solid basis for all of us to continue using learning targets. As a key component of Lakeview's vision of high-quality instruction, we will continue to use learning targets. Every time I walk into a classroom, I am looking for a learning target, especially if it is a math lesson since we used math as the content area to study learning targets. If you do not teach math, I expect people to continue the practice to adapt to other content areas. If you are comfortable with the practice in math, please explore how it can expand to other areas.

Looking Ahead

Kindness week extended - please see below

Monday, February 4

Science Committee 4pm in the PDC

Tuesday, February 5

Yearbook group photos

Admiral's Day - wear blue shirts - 3rd grade's turn for a reader

Wednesday, February 6

Staff Meeting 7:15-8:15 a.m.

Topic: Bookroom, part 2. Denise from Custom Ed Solutions will be here to educate us about the resources in our new and improved bookroom.

Friday, February 8

SLO mid-interval submissions due in My Learning Plan

SM Literacy Night at the high school

Tuesday, February 12

3rd-5th grade to the HS PAC for annual concert

District Character Ed team 4pm in the PDC

Thursday, February 14

PTO Meeting - 7pm in the library. Please be sure you attend at least one PTO meeting this year. Our PTO gave generously to the bookroom and is working on playground equipment for the east playground, in addition to setting themselves up as a formal PTO and 501(c)(3) organization.

Kindness Week

UPDATE - we will extend kindness day as follows:

Monday, Feb 4 - Pajama day - as regularly scheduled

Tuesday, Feb 5 - Admiral's day - blue shirts

Wednesday, Feb 6 - Hat day

Thursday, Feb 7 - Team/Workout clothes day

Friday, Feb 8 - SM/Lakeview Spirit day

The coin war and kindness chain activities will continue through Friday, February 8.

Starting Feb 11, you'll have to pick out your own clothes ... many thanks to Sarah and Heather for adapting our kindness week dates.

Student-Centered Coaching

As mentioned above, one of the topics we were unable to talk about in recent days is AGR coaching for 3rd trimester. As Rachel and I have learned more about this type of instructional coaching, we have tried out and adjusted the strategies within the framework provided by Diane Sweeney.

There are two "tracks" to AGR coaching during 3rd trimester:

1. Classroom teachers and specialists that have not yet had the chance to work with Rachel should plan to complete a 6 week cycle. I will send a separate email to staff in this category for a short meeting next week.

2. Any staff member that has already had the opportunity to work with Rachel and wishes to engage in another coaching cycle is welcome to join. If this is you, please contact Rachel.

One cycle will begin next week and run through Spring Break. The last cycle of the year will begin after Spring Break and run through the end of the year.

For either track, here is some explanation from Rachel:

1. Meet with Rachel at the start of your cycle to identify an area you would like to strengthen for your students. We'll do some planning together about/for your students.

2. For the following 4 weeks, we will do some co-teaching, watching your students grow and implementing the strategies we have identified together.

3. The final week, we will meet to debrief the process and talk about student growth as well as personal growth.

I believe the teachers I have worked with this year would tell you that it has been a valuable process! If you are interested in working as a team (grade level, etc.) I would be open to that as well. We will decide together what we want to work on! If I have worked with you this year, I am still available! Please let me know if you are interested in continuing our work and if it's possible I will keep it going! For those that are new to instructional coaching, I look forward to working with you!

Structural Items

Family newsletter - Here is the link to this week's family newsletter.

Golden Lions - we expect Raptor to take up a considerable amount of time for both Roxanne and Cortney in the coming weeks. Continue giving Golden Lions, but only send students to the office between 9am and 2pm, please.

EdCamp in Elmbrook - March 2nd at Brookfield HS. Here is the link for info and registration.

Elementary Blackout Dates - Here is a link to the calendar

Character Dares & Trauma Sensitive Schools

I bet everyone completed last week's character dare - it was the "Pick a day and don't take any work home" dare. Three days off from school probably helped (although I know that you probably all did some work anyway). This week's should be easy to accomplish as we continue an extended kindness week.
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