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Week of January 23rd, 2023

Letter from Mr. Nelson


Let’s keep the good times rolling!

How? Easy by enrolling for next year online as soon as you can. We need ASID to recognize our humongous growth this year and provide us with the correct number of staff on Day 1. If every 6th and 7th-grade family completes the online registration promptly (8th-grade families can do so as well; it just doesn’t apply to us), then we can coast into the hiring season with the assurances that everybody we have on campus today will be here tomorrow.

We take great pride in the people being our #1 program here in Smallville. Our other signature programs, Green Tech and Dual Language, are often replicated on other campuses to drive enrollment and appease/excite the community. However, they need help understanding that it is not the program, field of study, or curriculum that motivates our students; the people running the programs do. We’ve shared our curriculum for Green with as many schools as possible, yet no campus has come close to what we have accomplished here in Smallville. It’s not goats, sheep, or our flock of chickens and ducks; it’s the caring, engaging professionals who can share their joy with our students.

Likewise, with all of our classes. We only employ people who dig middle school kids and know that connecting with students is foundational to learning. We preach the three Rs of education (relationships, relationships, and relationships) to all in our hallowed halls and are proud to say our people are experts at this.

So, please, register online for next year so our people can keep doing the good work.

Student Winners for Can You Imagine a Day Without Water 2023 Calendar:

Recently, students in Ms. Larrimore’s 6th-grade science class participated in the Texas American Water Works Association’s calendar drawing contest and asked students to imagine what a day without water would look like. The project was all part of the water conservation and renewable resources unit covered in class. All her students submitted a piece, and we proudly announce that Small produced three winners and several honorable mentions.

Sarah Morales’ artwork is on the January page, October is Ava Lubitz-Guevara's art and the Grand Prize Winner, Evan Ault’s picture, can be found in December. See their pictures below.

Honorable mention honors belong to Isaac Baker, Maya Baker, Pike Foster, Lillian Murray, Ellie Orozco, and Julia Garcia Calatayud.

Congrats to all the winners and participants (confetti explosion)!

Enjoy your weekend. Next week will be our first 5-day week of the new year, so be ready.

Matthew Nelson


(512) 841-6705

Parents of Small:

Each year your child(ren) attend an AISD School, they must be pre-registered for the next school year. Online registration is an integral part of our campus’ success (funding and appropriate staffing as well as updated contact information).

Please be sure to log in to your Parent Portal and confirm your child’s information via the Online Registration tile.

Thank you for being a part of the Cougar Community and helping us win together!

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AB Calendar has been updated

Just FYI. Monday February 13 will now be a B day (instead of C) because of the early release scheduled for Friday Feb. 17th. OH, and Splashfest has moved to May 12th!
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Please RSVP here to get the Zoom link for the Galapagos Islands Student Travel online information meeting on Tuesday, January 31st at 6:00 p.m.

Counseling Corner

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On February 17th, 2023 Small Middle School students will participate in our school’s first Kindness Day. Through a survey given by Small Counselors, students shared their interests in showing kindness to our community by helping animals, the environment, children and families in need, and in many other ways.

On Kindness Day, Small MS will partner with over 20 non-profit organizations to provide students with the chance to learn about these organizations, and then

do an activity or project that will support them. As we prepare to make this an awesome

experience for our students, we are asking for help from our amazing Small Middle School

family. If you are able, here are the ways you can support Kindness Day:

  • Donate funds thru Venmo - You can donate to Cynthia Diaz, the Lead Counselor for Small MS, here - please make a note for Kindness Day so she can keep track well. @ Cynthia-Diaz-67

  • Purchase items from our Amazon Kindness Day Wishlist for use in Kindness Day projects.

  • Donate clean fabric/old clothes, paper towel and toilet rolls - for cat toys.

  • Donate magazines for making recycled gratitude gifts.

  • Donate NEW travel-size toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes,etc.) This is a great way to put hotel or sample toiletries to good use!

Thank you for your help!

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23-24 Choice Sheets

Please visit our Small Counseling Website for all details on due dates, courses, and more. Choice sheets are due the week of 1/23.

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Based on Louisa May Alcott's life, Little Women follows the adventures of sisters, Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March. Jo is trying to sell her stories for publication, but the publishers are not interested – her friend, Professor Bhaer, tells her that she has to do better and write more from herself. Begrudgingly taking this advice, Jo weaves the story of herself and her sisters and their experience growing up in Civil War America.

Little Women embodies the complete theatrical experience, guaranteeing a night filled with laughter, tears and a lifting of the spirit.

January 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 at 7:00 pm

January 22 & 29 at 2:00 pm

Tickets on sale at

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Order a yearbook online!

Our yearbook is a full color celebration of everything that makes Small special; it's a great fun way to preserve all your student's fond memories of Small. The price is now $40. Get your yearbook today!

Click here for the easy link:

If you have any yearbook questions, please email Mr. Shoptaw at


Every chromebook comes with 1 charger. If your student loses that charge, you must purchase a new one. We do not have extra chargers in the office to loan or give out.

Click here to purchase or see what charger you need for the school chromebooks.

Thank you to our Gold Sponsors

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! With your help we were able to support almost 80 families. They were able to purchase dinner for their families and gifts for their children. We appreciate you!