Ice Cream Tasting


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February is full of celebrations:

Birthdays of Darwin and Lincoln, Mardi Gras, Black History month, Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, International Friendship month, National Cherry month...

...and the February ice cream tasting!!

February Ice Cream Tasting

Friday, Feb. 22nd 2013 at 7:45pm

Our creek house -- email for directions

Same as usual -- bring $5 and a shot glass. We will also have pints for sale for $8.

Tentative Flavor Line-Up

  1. Scarlet Earl Grey (Earl Grey tea with cherries)
  2. No Easy Walk to Freedom (chocolate with smoked almonds, caramel and marshmallows)
  3. Toasted Rice with whiff of coconut and black tea
  4. Harry Potter (magical chocolate butter-beer)
  5. Plum Crazy (plum crumble in light cinnamon)
  6. Ba-Salted Caramel (for the geologists among us)
  7. Tres Leches (que delicioso!)
  8. Bleeding Hearts' Club (dark cherry berry sour beer sorbet)
  9. ???

Please, please RSVP to help us anticipate quantities. We don't want anyone to go hungry.