Weekly Update

Safford K-8 Community School 22-23

Message from the Principal

Hello Huskies!

This year has been moving so quickly that we have not had the time to start our weekly newsletter. Keep your eyes peeled for weekly updates!

As the Principal of our amazing school, I want to make sure you know what is happening on campus and coming up in the future. This week has been fun, active and busy. We had Halloween Parades, Dia De Los Muertos celebrations and lots of academic happenings. It is a wonderful day to see all the smiles and joy that our students brought to campus.

Thank you,

Dr. Katherine Kuhn

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Letter Grade Explanation

Huskies are growing and moving! Don't let the letter grade confuse us - we are growing!

Recently the letter grade for our school was released. We did not move out of the F status last year. This was not a surprise. Last year we made significant growth, but we had so much learning to make up, that we missed the cut score to move up by less than 2 points.

Please know, the letter grades reflect last year - not this year! Last year we had lots of change and movement. This needed to happen in order to help us get ready to move academically this year. We have many supports that we added last year - Higher Ground for the culture and climate of the school, math vendors who are working directly in the classrooms to help our students grow, HESED to help our students with accommodations begin to move their academics and numerous others!

This year we added Mr. Shawn Hurt. He is a nationally renowned school turn around specialist. We work with him every week to move our scores. He has visited the school, met with students and staff and helped us to set our goals.

Be ready to see the Huskies soar - and next year will be the big letter grade movement year.

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What is iReady and what does it do for my student?

This year we are working diligently to help our student remediate learning loss. One of the most important things happening on campus is the use of iReady My Path. Every student on campus does a minimum of 90 minutes per week on this platform. The focus for each student is different - with every student working at their own level.

Students who have completed these assignments are making awesome growth. Please encourage your student to complete these assignments. K-5 students do this during their school day with their classroom teacher. 6-8 students do this during their 4th Period Homeroom time. If a student is not passing their 4th period in MS, it is probably due to not focusing in class on these lessons.

Attendance is the key! We cannot teach a student who is not here.

Please have your student here on time - everyday!

The students who are here everyday and in class are making great growth. Missing just 5 minutes a day adds up.

In 2020-21, we had an attendance rate at 65%. In 2021-22, it rose to 82%. This year we are averaging 86%. We need to be at 95%! PLEASE help us make Safford the best school around by being present and ready to learn.

We have a new teacher! 5th Graders now will have both Dr. Burton and Ms. Piccinino!

We will be having our 5th graders begin to move between the two teachers.

Dr. Burton will do math and science.

Ms. Piccinino will do ELA and Social Studies.