Warren Extra Curriculars

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Welcome to the Warrior Band! The purpose of band is to is to learn to play instruments as a group. You will learn to play an instrument, read music, and socialize with others.

Hard-working students will be moved to the advanced bands, so practice hard. However, Band is not for everyone, because it is very expensive and takes lots of time.

Color Guard sign ups start today!

The purpose of the Warren Color Guard is learn to perform flag/baton twirling; you will learn balance, form, and twirling. You will also get to perform! this activity takes time and effort.
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The purpose of Warren Athletics is to get bigger, faster, and stronger; we need

hard-working, weight-lifting athletes. You will learn to work as a team, be disciplined, physically improve, and have mental toughness. The biggest challenge is being coach-able.

Go Cheer!

The purpose of cheer is to cheer on your team of athletes. Some reasons to join cheer are the following: you will learn balance, teamwork, and most importantly, have fun. Like most sports, Cheer takes time and effort.

We council you to join Student Council!

The purpose of Student Council is to make decisions for the school. With that being said, you must remember one thing: you are not all-powerful. You should consider joining, because you can learn how to govern and lead. One challenge is you need u to attend the numerous meetings.
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