LV 6th Grade Technology

By David Decker

Typing Web

  • On almost every day when you come to Technology, you start the class by going on Typing Web for 5 minutes.
  • By the end of the semester, you need to finish The Intermediate Course on Typing Web to get a good grade.
  • Once you finish The Intermediate Course, you get your picture taken for the Tip Top Typists board.
  • The link for Typing Web is

Career Locker

  • In this unit, Mrs. VandenBoogaard comes in to teach.
  • You get to take quizzes to find out what your dream job might be.
  • There are games you can play on the Career Locker website.
  • The link for Career Locker is


  • In this unit, you get to code games based on the requirements for each level.
  • You have to finish Stage 9 by the end of the quarter to get a good grade.
  • Once you finish all of the stages, you can choose any level on the website you want to do.
  • The link for Coding is

Haiku Deck

  • After you complete the Career Locker unit, you start this unit to make a Haiku Deck about your dream job.
  • At the end of the unit, everyone in the class presents their Haiku Decks.
  • You have to have at least 10 slides on your Haiku Deck.
  • The link for Haiku Deck Creator is


  • After all of the Haiku Decks have been presented, the class starts this project.
  • You get to choose the topic you want to make the iTrailer on.
  • The software you use to make it is iMovie, but you make a trailer instead of an actual movie.

Explain Everything

  • On Schoology, everyone in the class chooses one of ten math problems to solve.
  • You use the software Explain Everything to state your math problem, and then show how to solve it.
  • There has to be at least 2 slides on your project.