The Impact on Americain history then and now.

Henry Ford made the assembly line to make cars. The origanal time it took to make the car was 12 hours. With the assembly line in place it now only took 2 and a half hours. Now it isn't just used for cars but almost every other pruducts pruduction. From hotdogs to dougnuts this invention changed America

When and where the assembley line was invented.

On December, 1913 in Highland Park, Michigan Mr. Ford Introduced the assembley line. Though it didnt become usable till 1925 the blue prints were made in 1913.

What is this ivention and how it works.

Its a belt that runs down long tabels carrying parts and peices that needed to be put together. It allowed workers to stay in one spot. Instead of the workers going to the car, the car came to them on a 250 foot long assembley line.