Commons A Notes #49

Two Weeks in a Row

You Are Doing Great Work and I Appreciate It

This can be a tough time of year. Ten weeks are left. But ten weeks are left. It can mean ten weeks with one of the most interesting students you have ever worked with and it can mean ten weeks with one of the most difficult students you have ever worked with. I am always in your corner but I want to reaffirm that I know you are working hard, very hard, and I really appreciate it.

Final Exams

Final exams will run in a similar way to how they did at midyear time. The week will be longer and will include some one exam days.

I was told this week that some teachers were so busy during mid-years that they did not go to the bathroom during the day. This is not the intent of providing students the chance to recover during this week. The week does allow for a week that is different, where teachers don't have duties, and where unique opportunities are possible but I don't want you to never go to the bathroom.

Annual Update Meetings New in MLP

This week Karen Riess sent out directions for how to move to the new Annual Update Meeting format in My Learning Plan. All of you have already had a meeting with either Steve or me. The only people who need another meeting are teachers who are up for re-certification this year and HAVE NOT had an evidence meeting with an administrator yet.

The directions Karen sent out are easy to follow if you can take a look at them during an uninterrupted time. I wouldn't try to squeeze this task in between classes. If you need help I can help or you could talk to Jane Voth.

A final note: Since we are now in a new year when it comes to certification I am the administrator doing approvals for science, math, and business.

New On the Twitter Page

Quite a few new things on the Twitter Page. As I'm looking at things I imagine teachers using them both as curriculum and as a hook or brain break. Could the story about the pay gap between men's and women's US Soccer salaries lead to conversation in a math class? The release of Tesla's new mass market car could be a good topic of conversation in business, math, or for Earth day. And there are two that definitely could work in astronomy: Buzz Aldrin's Failed Experiment and The Next 100 Years in Space. Although if I taught math I would use both and if I taught business I would find a way to use the Next 100 Years in Space to spark a conversation about how and why we would pay for space exploration.