The Weekly Griffin

Week of December 2, 2018 - #BuildingABetterGriffin

Congratulations, Miss Lunsford!

Selected by her peers, Miss Samantha Lunsford will represent Sterling School as the 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year. Miss Lunsford grew up in an Air Force family but calls the Atlanta area home. She graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2013 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She recently obtained a Master's degree in Literacy from Furman University in 2017. Currently in her sixth year of teaching, Miss Lunsford has taught first grade at Sterling for three years.

Miss Lunsford enjoys discovering everything Greenville has to offer- restaurants, outdoor activities, coffee shops, and more! Her golden retriever, June, accompanies her on many of those adventures. Miss Lunsford also loves to travel, as well as participate and serve in ministries at Grace Church.

At the age of five, she declared her intention to become a teacher and hasn't looked back since! Miss Lunsford's favorite thing about teaching young children are the meaningful relationships that are established with students by the end of the year and beyond. She seeks to create a loving classroom community that celebrates and encourages each child as they are. #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

What's Ahead...

  • Dec. 3 thru Dec. 7 - Book Fair (an adult should accompany the student after school)

  • Dec. 4 thru Dec. 7 - Kindergarten & 1st Grade Registration

  • Dec. 3 thru Dec. 7 - Spirit Week

  • December 3 - Dress like a creature from an enchanted forest (book fair kickoff)

  • December 4 - Decades Day (60's, 70's, or 80' pick!)

  • December 4 - After School Movie Party, 3:00-4:00pm ($3)

  • December 5 - End of Choice Lottery Window (Special Permission)

  • December 5 - Blackout/Whiteout Day

  • December 6 - MAP Testing (Reading) - Grades 5 and 8

  • December 6 - Squad Day (find your squad; dress up in the same outfit)

  • December 6 - Dodgeball Game, 3:00-4:30pm ($3)

  • December 7 - MAP Testing (Math) - Grades 5 and 8

  • December 7 - Frozen Friday (dress as a Frozen character or holiday/snow-inspired)

  • December 7 - Sprit Week Bake Sale During Lunch (3rd-8th grade)

  • December 11 - Band/Strings Winter Concert; 6:30pm

  • December 13 - Chorus Winter Concert; 6:30pm

  • December 19 - Families for Lunch

  • December 21 - Half Day; Elementary Dismisses @ 12:00; Middle @ 12:15

Sterling School Christmas Tree

Sterling School is featured in this year's Festival of Trees, sponsored by Bon Secours. This year's "Candy & Sweet Treats" Christmas Tree is inspired by former Disney artist Wayne Theibaud, known for his dessert still lifes. This project is a collaborative effort by the 4th and 5th grade art club, the W.O.K.E. after school program students, and our school's 16 New Junior Art Honor Society members. This year's festival, located at the Hyatt Regency Greenville (on Main Street), features over 80 trees. All proceeds from the corporate sponsored trees help to fund various programs at St. Francis Hospital. #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

Sterling School Spirit Week

We are so excited to work with Lucky Pup Rescue SC as our charity for Spirit Week 2018! All money raised during Spirit Week will benefit Lucky Pup Rescue SC, a non-profit, foster-based dog rescue organization. CLICK HERE for Spirit Week flyer.

Dress Up Days:

  • Monday: Enchanted Forest Book Fair Kickoff: Dress like a creature from an enchanted forest - a fairy, gnome, elf, princess, wizard, tree, forest animal, etc.
  • Tuesday: Decades Day: 60s, 70s, 80s - Pick your decade and dress to impress!
  • Wednesday: Blackout/Whiteout Day: Wear all black or all white.
  • Thursday: Squad Day: Find your squad and dress up in the same outfit.
  • Friday: Frozen Friday: Dress as a Frozen character, or wear something holiday or snow-inspired.


  • Tuesday: Lip Sync Battle, 2nd Period (Middle School Only). Pay $3.00 and get out of class! Sign up to perform (ELA Google Classroom) or support the cause by attending!
  • Tuesday: After School Movie Party, 3:00-4:00pm. Come and watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Cost: $3.00. Popcorn and water combo available for an additional $1.00.
  • Thursday: Dodgeball, 3:00-4:30pm. Come to the dodgeball game! You can join a team or cheer from the stands! Cost: $3.00.
  • Friday: Bake Sale, 3rd-8th grade lunch. Yummy treats and hot chocolate will be on sale during lunch.

Winter Break Half-Day (Dec. 21st)

Friday, December 21, the last school day prior to the winter break, is a half-day. Since this has not typically been the norm in recent GCS calendars, we are asking all parents to make any necessary pick-up arrangements beforehand. Also, please note that there will be no after school programming or clubs. Lunch will be served and buses will pick up students as per the adjusted half-day schedule (2.5 hours early).

Half-Day School Hours
Elementary: 8:00-12:00
Middle: 8:00–12:15

Want to Get Involved? Our Students Need YOU!

ICYMI: In Case You Missed It

CTC Spotlight: 6th Grade Potato Harvest Festival

In 6th grade, we have been reading The Martian, an amazing sci-fi novel by Andy Weir. During this novel study, we focus on the literary terms of science-fiction, dramatic irony, and sarcasm. In the story, the protagonist, Mark Watney, is stranded on Mars. Being a resourceful astronaut and botanist, he manages to harvest potatoes grown from his own feces. Because of this, the entire 6th grade team planned an amazing, cross-curricular Potato Planting Festival which featured the following fun activities:

  • Ms. Porterfield's math classes learned about mathematics in cooking. Many students participated by cooking recipes featuring potatoes and bringing in a variety of potato dishes for students to sample during the day. During the last week, students used the Engineering Design Process to construct a prototype of an air-tight habitat, similar to the one Mark Watney built in The Martian.
  • Ms. Gordon’s science classes designed solar ovens and space suits and tested them for space use. They also planted potatoes which will be harvested later in the school year.
  • Ms. Bohnenberger's social studies classes created stop-motion videos with potatoes as the actors based on the characters in The Martin or based on historical figures they studied from the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, or China.
  • Ms. Johnston's ELA classes created and recited potato odes and took some fun potato photographs.
  • Ms. VanDommelen's Spanish classes created potato stamps and used them to create artwork for different Spanish space words.

Potato fun was had by all! Thank you so much to all of our parents for donating the supplies that helped make this day possible! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and ate lots of potatoes! #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild