Wacky Hotels

Louis Acosta, Aaron Douglas

South Carolina

Mug Dock Hotel

Located in south Carolina began in June 28th 1776,war was within the nation and the Mug Dock was the setting in the battle of Fort Sumter,84 years later the election of Abraham Lincoln.The civil war was into play because Carolina was apart of the 13 colonies. The birth place of the castle Mug Dock it now serves as a testament to perseverance and peace and now serves as the hospitality it's spot on as 6 guest rooms to stay in for almost a month to stay in life's history, the very few guests are able to see it's battle fronts it breakage and it's original infrastructure. Their are sessions to reanimate the most battle scenes to only it's guest only treatment. The building was a symbol and peace to settle in the early 1800 hundreds as the craft and rebuilding for employment and business need's to own and share through the guest's in it's fine kingdom.
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Annie's Inn Bed and breakfast

Built in the 1800 hundreds it's foundation was the top for unusual rooms are not like any hotel in North Carolina. The reason for it's stating it's odd structure. It has a shotgun hallways with no bathrooms or even including a kitchen it's located in a separate building. The hotel survived during the civil war even it wasn't a hotel until they classified it. It's running today for it,s land lost forgot in history. It opened in 1984, and it's told story, long ago a spirit was haunted and always yells for her mother for help in the shadowing halls. It was also know for doctors residence for the sick and the wounded for it's american troops, a hide of from destruction I would say. The Original farm owners brought into two acres to renovate the building grounds into it's present condition.
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Yamanashi Prefecture

Located at the city it,s named after is one of the unusual hotels, it's hotel in nothing but straight and asymmetrical line's it bed's flat and more like the texture of sleeping bags during camping. It's know for the sight seeing of mount Fug i a know volcano which is very odd sense the eruption killing thousand of people, the business created the hotel a few years later. Every rule must be followed in staying in the hotels or other wise be banned from any of it's hotels.
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Most Americans know you can stay at ski resort by the mountains for winter activities. There's nothing to compare too stay a resemblance of the twin towers or stay in the fancy ice burgs. If Japanese can do it why not american's staying in a bed made out of ice or visit reservation of a spa treatment entirely made out of ice. If a guest stays at the hotel there is a event a Japanese know kind event using ice and snow, or a Broadway fashion show in religious reasons celebrate in a ice cavern.
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Fujiya Ginzan

A Ginzan is know for a mat for peace and comfort it eels and slows the minds for a person for quietness and harmony but to relax can be very boring but it yeas the stress just by staying in a hotel where every thing is peace and comfort. In terms is a all day and all night spa treatment, even the employees are in peace. The majority of the guest rooms are soft to the touch and sings every where too.
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