Is Snowboarding as Bad as They Say?


You are swerving, curving, and diving amongst trees. You're gunning your way down the hill on a dark trail at night. You then go into the trees along the side of the trail and it's dark there too. This is of course is unsafe way to snowboard, but truly snowboarding is safe. I mean as long as you don't do dumb things like going on dark trails. I also think that snowboarding is safe and good exercise. So let's take-off and see how snowboarding is safe.

Believe it or not, while snowboarding you actually use some muscles. You mostly use leg and arm muscles. Most people, after snowboarding, when they wake up have sore muscles. This is a result of using them. You use them while stopping, turning, and while doing jumps. Of course don't do jumps if it is above your skill level(The Season for Shredding 2004). Doing things above your skill level is unsafe and results in minor injuries depending on what you're trying to do. Snowboarding is not only safe but it's good exercise which some people don't get in the winter.
Kids don't get exercise during winter because "It's to cold out." (Classmates). So instead they will start playing video games or complain that their bored. The possibility of going outside and snowboarding at some local resort probably never crosses their mind. Plus starring at a TV or computer screen damages the collins of your eyes("Eye Q," 2016). It doesn't damage them permanently like the sun but still. Also sitting on a couch for an hour only burns 46 calories while snowboarding you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour or two. So get out and play on those slopes.
Dark trails lead to hidden items that aren't good. Going on dark trails is dangerous and possibly a rule not to at some resorts. Resorts also close off all trails without lights on them at dusk for safety. Above all never go in dark woods along the trails. There are many hidden objects such as stumps, water pipes, and big rocks. Rocks and stumps are natural, but the water pipe is there to supply water to the snow makers. If you damage them water will leak and you'll get hurt badly. Also if there's lights on you can see hidden objects in the snow. So stay away because dark means dangerous.
The problem is many people(such as my mom) think snowboarding is dangerous. They think and worry that you'll get frostbite or hypothermia. Also that you could get badly hurt. Well the truth is that if you dress properly you can't get frostbite or hypothermia. Wearing just a sweatshirt because it makes you cool is unexceptable. Be smart and dress properly. You can't get hurt unless you go into the woods with lots of obstacles or going where you can't see. So if you think snowboarding is unsafe you a fool because your own choices put you in danger.
In conclusion, snowboarding is actually safe. It is safe and good exercise because it gives kids things to do in the winter, make sure to stay on lighted trails, and you actually use your muscles. So get off your but and hit the slopes.


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