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Lakeview Family Newsletter - September 27

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New this year!

We are always looking for the best ways to teach students, and each year we make a few changes that we truly believe are in the best interest of your children and supported by strong research. Two of those changes this year are in science and in word study.

Science - Our new science curriculum (known as Amplify) has started. This curriculum challenges our students to be scientists and persevere to solve a problem in each unit.

For the first unit of the year, here are the problems your students will confront as they learn:

5K - Needs of Plants and Animals - the central problem is "Why aren't there any monarch caterpillars in the Mariposa Grove community garden since a vegetable garden was planted?"

1st - Animal and Plant Defenses - the central problem is "How do we get Spruce the Sea Turtle to survive in the ocean?"

2nd - Plant and Animal Relationships - the central problem is "Why aren't any new chalta trees growing in the Bengal Tiger Reserve in India?"

3rd - Balancing Forces - the central problem is to solve "Why a floating train rises, floats above the track, and then later falls back to the track?"

4th - Energy Conversions - the central problem is to "Figure out why Ergstown has frequent blackouts."

5th - Patterns of Earth and Sky - the central problem is to "Figure out why different sections of an ancient artifact show what the sky looked like from one location and depict different stars."

Word study - This change is only in our first and second grade classrooms this year. We have shifted to a phonics word study program that closely aligns with our Teacher's College Units of Study for Reading and Writing. Our students are already becoming "word professors" as they discuss things like digraphs and r-controlled vowels! Our students (and teachers) have been very excited about this work already.

Grade Level Newletters

Attendance Update

We are focusing intensely on attendance this year. This means that students arrive prior to 8:30 a.m. and stay until 3:35 p.m. almost every day of the school year. I am happy to report that our attendance rate overall is doing well so far, but our tardy rate is not. So far this year, 76 students have been late to school at least once. That is 25% of our students. We can help you with that! Supervision on the playground begins at 8:15 a.m. Drop your child(ren) off at the playground starting at 8:15 a.m. to let them play and they will be on time every day for school.

Pets before and after school

We ask for your assistance with this. Please do not bring any pets to the playground before or after school. I know it's still nice weather, but please leave pets at home or in the car at these times.

We need YOU!

The PTO needs help for two upcoming events. You may not be able to volunteer your time, but you might be able to donate a case of bottled water. Every type of help is valued! The links below will take you to Sign-up Genius pages where you can help.

#1 - Grandparent's Day - click here for the list of items we need. Grandparent's day is October 18th, but donations would need to be dropped off by October 17th.

#2 - Book Fair (Oct 9 & 10) - click here to volunteer for a shift

PTO Directory

This year, the PTO is putting together a family directory. Families that volunteer their information would get a copy of the directory. These types of directories are great for playdates, birthday parties, etc. It's another way to help build the community feel of Lakeview. You might say, "Doesn't the school already have my information?" Yes, but the school cannot share information like that to ensure privacy. A family directory, assembled by the PTO, is a way to provide that information to others in a voluntary way. Please click here to submit your information.

Upcoming Events

Friday, September 27 - No school for students (staff professional development day)

Monday, October 7 - Amigos Spanish Enrichment Class begins

October 9th & 10th - Parent/Teacher conferences from 4-8 p.m.

If you have not signed up, please contact your child's teacher immediately. We value the chance to sit and talk about your child face-to-face, especially early in the year.

Friday, October 11 - No school

Thursday, October 17 - PTO meeting and set-up for Grandparent's Day from 6-7 p.m.

Friday, October 18 - Grandparent's Day starting at 9 a.m.

Annual Notices

Each month, the school district has a rotation of required annual notices. The annual notices for September include Child Find, Curriculum Modification, Education for Employment, Educational Options, Homeless Children and Youth Education, School Wellness, Student Academic Standards, Student Assessment Information, Student Attendance, Student Bullying, Student Locker Searches, Student Nondiscrimination and Religious Accommodations, Student Privacy/Student Surveys, Student Records, and Title I Programs. These may all be read by clicking this link.