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What is the Star Factory?

The Star Factory is an opportunity for you to learn the basics of what being a Star is all about! As a member of the Star Factory, you'll receive tips for reaching Star and support from your upline to accomplish your goals!

The idea of the Star Factory was created by a fellow Young Living Diamond Leader, Skyla Mann and we are going to take a fun twist on her idea just for you!

What does it mean to be a Star?

When you sign up with Young Living, the first rank people set a goal to reach is the rank of Star! Being a Star means you have at least 100 PV in a personal order and at least 500 OGV (Organizational Group Volume)!

When you're a Star Leader with Young Living, you're eligible to receive commissions, bonuses (like the Fast Start Bonus and PSK Bonus) and the Rising Star Bonus! If you're not familiar with the compensation plan, don't worry, we'll cover it!

Being a Star means you may begin to have a member or two under you in your organization and that you're learning to help them on their own oily journeys!

I'm so excited to be able to help you with this goal. To work towards the first rank in the Young Living compensation plan and accomplish all that you have set out for yourself!

How to do it!

The purpose of the Star Factory is to help you achieve your goal of Star! So, the first thing you need to do is watch this video!!!!
Star Factory - December

Create an action plan

There are several ways to hit that 500 OGV to promote to Star! The first thing to do is to create an action plan! Let's brainstorm ways to increase excitement and share about Young Living and how the products have impacted your life!

Grab a piece of paper and write at the top, "I am a Young Living Star!!!"

Next, read through these ideas for boosting your OGV and write down the ones that really speak to you! Connect to how you're going to share to reach your goals and you will portray that genuine attitude that people can connect with.

*Teach a class about essential oils, online or in-person!
*Invite a couple friends over for a make and take for the Holidays to create Christmas gifts!
*Invite a friend or two over to watch the 'opening of the box' when your monthly order arrives!
*Meet with someone one on one to discuss their health goals and help them pick some oils that may assist them with their goals (compliantly, of course)!
*Follow up with people who attended a class you've taught before!
*Offer your wholesale discount to your friends and family who want to try an oil or two this month!

And, yes, to answer the question that is inevitably asked...if you place a 500PV order yourself, you will be a Star! However, for long term success and continuing to promote within the ranks, it's important to start building your organization and helping people learn about essential oils so they can see the benefit of using them in their own lives, too!

These are just a few ideas and certainly not the only ways to get out there and share. Did you think 'oh, I could do that' or did someone pop in your mind as you read these ideas?? If so, write them down as part of your action plan and definitely reach out to that person or couple of people that popped into your head. There's a reason they did!!

Over the next few days, I'll be sharing more details about how to put these ideas into action so that you can implement them!

Remember, I'm here to help you, answer questions, and cheer you on!

Let's Get it Started!