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Dar-Un-Noor Academy Weekly Newsletter - September 8, 2017

Important Dates

October 6th: Professional Learning Day - SCHOOL IS CLOSED

October 6th: Professional Learning Day - STAFF DEVELOPMENT

October 9th: Picture Day & Class Picture Day

Eid Al-Adha at DNA & Atlanta Science Academy

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Study Island Login & Passwords

This week the school administration handed out the Study Island logins and passwords to all of the students. The login page for Study Island is:


Please see below for more information about Study Island and why DNA & Atlanta Science Academy chooses this product: Please contact Sister Tennesha, Assistant Principal, if you have any questions regarding Study Island at tfrierson@darunnoor.org.

Founded in 2000, Study Island, an Edmentum product, helps students in kindergarten through 12th grade master state-specific, grade-level academic standards in a fun and engaging manner. Study Island combines rigorous content that is highly customized to specific state standards in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies with interactive features and games that engage students and reinforce and reward learning achievement. Our online suite of products uses technology to transform education. All of our programs are designed to create a very user-friendly experience for students and teachers.


The logins and passwords were also passed out for COOLSIS. The login page for COOLSIS is: https://darunnoor.sis.cool/UI/

Students, parents, and staff all have their own individual login for COOLSIS. There is also a COOLSIS app so parents can view information and receive alerts right from their phone.
If you have any questions regarding your COOLSIS account please contact Sister Faye: fkareem@darunnoor.org

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This Week at DNA & Atlanta Science Academy

Qurbani Fundraising

DNA & Atlanta Science Academy hosted an udhiya/qurbani drive and distributed the udhiyas over the Eid weekend. Many people donated their udhiyas for the people in need: a total of 3,500 pounds of meat was distributed and 8 boxes of toys were given as gifts to children in the Clarkston area. Alhamdoulillah for the success of this drive.

The virtues of Qurbani are indeed tremendous. It is reported in a Hadith: Rasulullah (salallahu aleyhi wa salam) said that the first drop causes all sins to be forgiven and on the Day of Qiyama the animal will be placed on your scale increasing it 70 times more in good deeds.


Middle school students created diagrams and collages to illustrate aspects of different states and countries in their geography class. These projects included visual and written information about the state on which they studied. Great job, mashaAllah !


MAP Testing Commencing

This week students started taking the MAP Tests.

How to prepare: Get a good night's rest and arrive to school on time. Different grade levels are completing the testing during different class periods so make sure your student doesn't miss or come late to their testing !

When to expect results: MAP Test results are not available immediately. Once NWEA releases the results a statement will be released on the exact date we will be passing the scores out so look for that in future newsletters and emails.

Hurricane Irma

Our prayers are with all of the lives who have been and will be impacted by Hurricane Irma. The states of Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia declared a State of Emergency going into the weekend however, as of yet, there is no way of knowing yet how this will effect us in Atlanta. It was recently reported that Atlanta is in the path of Hurricane Irma so DNA will be monitoring this system closely because safety is our top priority.

Atlanta is expecting high numbers of evacuees taking refuge in and around the city so plan to adjust the length of your routes accordingly. If there is any weather that would impact the regular school schedule next week it will be uploaded to the website over the weekend. Also, you can check the Fulton County official website for updates or statements.

Georgia insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens is urging Georgians to begin preparing now for the threat of severe weather from Hurricane Irma. Hudgens recommended property owners take additional steps to prepare for severe weather, such as making plans for pets, reviewing or seriously considering purchasing flood insurance policies, securing properties as best as possible, removing or securing valuables, and making early contact with claims representatives to establish lines of communication. While the hurricane category is expected to drop before it reaches the Georgia coast it is always best to have a plan in place in case of severe weather, flooding, or an emergency.

For more information on how to prepare an emergency supply kit please visit:


Picture Day & Uniforms

October 9th is Picture Day and Class Picture Day. Students should have already started wearing their uniforms to school. Student uniforms are mandatory. Students should be dressed in their full uniform with a school patch for Picture Day. Please contact Sister Faye if you have any questions: fkareem@darunnoor.org