Learning with Augmented Reality


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Imagine living in the magical world of Harry Potter, where school hallways are lined with paintings that are alive and interactive. Imagine creating an atmosphere like that yourself. Augmented Reality (AR) allows us to do just that: unlock or create layers of digital information on top of the physical world that can be viewed through a device. [Our International Dot Day celebration was one recent example] Explore amazing 3-D augmented reality apps to bring learning to life!

Spacecraft 3-D

Spacecraft 3D gives us the opportunity to learn about and interact with spacecraft that have been used to explore our solar system, study Earth and observe the universe.

  1. Download the trigger/target image from NASA. Hover your device over the trigger/target image to discover the various spacecraft used by NASA.

  2. Download the app for IOS from the iTunes Store. Then students can scan these target codes with iPads. The spacecraft then becomes a 3D model students can explore.
SpaceCraft 3D NASA app hands-on with augmented reality

AR Spaceship

AR Spaceship is an Augmented Reality Game using your camera and an AR Card that you can download and print.

Simply by moving from left to right or by tilting the device you control the spaceship.

Download the App and Trigger Card to launch the game!

Elements 4D Interactive Blocks

Elements 4-D & Interactive Periodic Table

Explore the chemicals in the Periodic Table of Elements as you learn about Chemistry!

  • Download and print the six cubes from Daqri.
  • Download the Elements 4D App.
  • Scan one side of a cube to see the element come to life. Combine the elements on two cubes to see what the two elements form.

Elements 4D Lessons

Elements4D - Exploring Chemistry with Augmented Reality by Richard Byrne.

  • Create a log of different chemical interactions. Draw how each element looks individually and then how they look together. Take note of the state of matter, color, etc.
  • Pick one or two elements and see how all of the other element react with them.
  • View each element and create a chart sorting them by state of matter: solid, liquid or gas.
  • Try just putting gasses together, or liquids or solid. What kinds of conclusions can students make after observing what reacts to another element.
The Brain AR App

AR Brain

Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and how it is involved in mental illness. Use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures.

Explore the tissues, structures and areas of the brain by moving the device over the picture. Choose to view in AR or switch to a 3D mode within the app. Use your fingers to rotate the image.

[Download App] [Brain AR Anatomy Series]




AR Art

AR ART is an application that breathes life into object. It presents a new platform of expression connecting artistic creation with reality. Aim your device at the target image to watch it come to life. Photos and app can be downloaded from the AR Art website.
How to use Chromville


Educational game app based on augmented reality and visual arts. Join the 3D adventure and your paints come alive! Just download Chromville for free.

2. VISIT https://chromville.com/chromville/ and PRINT chapters pages
3. COLORIZE printed coloring pages
4. START with play button and SELECT the specific village of your printed chapter-page
5. POINT to the page to engage with Chromville challenges.

Chromville Science coming soon to IOS

Quiver Augmented Reality - Official Trailer


  1. Download and print any of the coloring pages from the quivervision.com.
    [Some sets of pages require an in-app purchase]
  2. Download the Quiver App
  3. Color one of the pages. Be careful not to color over the black outlines too much.
  4. Write a creative story based on your picture.
  5. Open the Quiver app and watch your picture come to life!
CYBERCHASE | A Heart-Pumping Climb in Pyramidia | PBS KIDS

CyberChase Shape Quest

Use visualization, spatial reasoning, and geometric modeling to solve problems Identify shape attributes, count sides and corners, and use shape vocabulary Create mental images of geometric shapes using spatial memory and spatial visualization Investigate and predict the results of putting together, taking apart, moving, and rotating 3D shapes

[Download App]

[Download Gameboard]

Fairy Tale

Enchantium 4D

Enchantium is a 4D platform that allows you to:

• Transform an entire world, simply by placing two or more objects near the interactive 4D Fairy Tale story of The Perilous Pursuit of the Pied Piper.

• Play Musical Strings, a mystical musical instrument that you design anew each time you play by moving the cards further apart or closer together.

• Pit Pugilistic Professionals against each other in the game of Fisticuffs, with 360° movement so players can see the action from all sides in 4D.

1. Save and print any set of target images from the “Toy Chest” within the app.
2. Press “Enter 4D” from the main menu.
3. Point your device at the target and prepare to be enchanted…


Augmented Reality Basketball

  • Point your device’s camera at the marker using the AR Basketball App.
  • You'll see the hoop on the marker's place.
  • Swipe and score points. Get the marker here.

  • Math activities to use with AR Basketball from the Techie Playground.

Bouncing Ball Augmented Reality Maze

See what Augmented Reality can do by downloading Bouncing Ball Augmented Reality Maze App and playing this classic maze game.

Tilt the card and watch the ball behave as though it is actually there, it will roll and tumble as you tilt the card. Guide it through the maze and in to the goal area as quick as you can.

LEGO® Connect

Lego Connect includes fully animated, 360-degree 3D images of LEGO sets that utilizes Lego Connect would look like when built.

The Lego Catalog also includes augmented reality for some of the kits.

A Few More to Explore...

Amazing Space Journey - 3D Solar System

Explore the Solar System via the Amazing Space Journey app. Download the board here.


AR Space Flashcards

  1. Download and print in color the Space Flashcards from arflashcards.com.
  2. Download the AR Space App.
  3. Open the AR Space App and press Get Started.
  4. Hover your device over a flashcard. Touch the image when it appears for facts and additional information.
Disneynature Explore App | Disney Insider

Disneynature Explore

Explore the outdoors like never before through the world of amazing animals!

[App Download]

  1. 5 animal adventures -- Brown Bear, Monarch Butterfly, Chimpanzee, African Lion, and Loggerhead Sea Turtle – featuring 4 activities each.
  2. 3D animals appear in the live camera view on your device!

Mount Rushmore

Explore the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in an interactive, self-guided tour through this offical National Park Service app. Visit the U.S. Monument known as the Shrine of Democracy and explore the mountain sculpture up-close, including the hidden Hall of Records behind the presidents--complete with narration, immersive 360° images, maps, 3D laser scans and illustrations.

Interactive Periodic Table

FREE game to practice chemistry knowledge using classic Mahjong game!

Match the tilesets based on rules of basic chemistry! Practice and reinforce basic concepts, including:

  • Matching elemental names to symbols
  • Naming polyatomic ions
  • Assigning oxidation numbers
  • Learning electronic configurations
  • Understanding metric prefixes.

Also featuring Classic Mahjong tiles and board for taking a break between studying.