its the only plantet with donuts by Tyler THE AWSOME

dont buy plastic botles

did you know even on your birthday theres 60 MILLION bottles being thown away ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.

What Can You Recycle? Lots of things...

at school we just recycle paper but at home sweet mama pie the things you can recycle.



*glass bottles

*steel cans (but dont steel cans from other people)

*coke bottles (and dr peppcies bottles)

*plastic milk jugs

*news paper

*phone books (that we never use)


how to make paper {its awasome}

just a household tree saving type of thing and you save money so like if you draw a bad drawing and you git all fusterated dont just crumble it up and smam dunk it in the trash get a big contaner and just RIP THE TREE OUT OF THAT PAPER INTO THE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big contaner

and do that with all your scrap paper.Then after alot of scrap paper is in the contaner put it into a blinder and blind it the smosh the paper down FLAT.

ow the glass!

oh one more thing never thow away glass EVER! P.S glass takes 1 million years to rot

and it goes in your foot.OW THE GLASS.

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save the earth its the only plantet with DONUTS