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Electric Forces and Electromagnets

In order to power any house hold item, that uses electricity, a generator or motor is needed. The generator or motor uses an electric field to recieve the volatge needed to kick-start the rotor. A generator or motor creates or generates electric forces by using induction, the rapid movement of a rotor that transforms mechanical energy into electric energy.  By doing so, the two machines create a magnetic field which puts current back into the rotor to keep it spinning, the speed of the rotor and the rate in which the magnetic field sends currents back in the rotor decides whether it is a generator or induction motor.

Scientist of the Year!

James Maxwell 1. 1st to discover that light consists of electromagnetic waves 2. Set forth the principle of visible light and heat is formed from the motion of electrons 3. The light spectrum and theories on electromagnetic waves are all based on ideas established by Maxwell

Electromagnetic Inventions ON SALE

Credit Cards

These high tech devices appear to be just a plastic card but in reality, each one holds a unique code of frequencies that, when swiped, sends the electromagnetic forces into a machine that then, displays an enormous amount of information.


This device although low tech, has withstood the test of time over hundreds of years. The compass uses the magnetic field portrayed by Earth and alligns with the north and south pole by the internal magent installed inside itself.

Scrap Metal Crane

This specific crane actually uses electromagnets to hoist thousands of pounds of metal in the air. The trick of the crane lies in the elctromagnets, when the operator flips a switch, electric forces are sent to the crane enabling the electrons to allign and attract to the metal, when the forces are cut off, the electrons free roam and drop the scrap metal.