South Beach Diet

Get the Inside Story on The South Beach Diet

Facts about the South Beach Diet Plan

Most of the weight loss plans available in the market help you to reduce weight fast but to your disappointment, the reduced weight comes back within days the diet plan is over. Developed by renowned cardiologist Arthur Agatston in collaboration with the dietician Marie Almon, this diet plan is just the perfect plan for keeping your heart healthy. This diet plan has slowly developed into an effective weight loss plan.

The Entire plan

The South Beach plan follows three steps in establishing its target to enable weight loss and take you towards a healthier lifestyle. The first phase is the toughest of them all and as the plan progresses the phases become more liberal.

Phase 1: Quick weight loss

This 15 day long phase curbs your food cravings by putting you on a nutrient rich diet.

Aims at rapid weight loss and elimination of all processed carbohydrates, sugars and higher glycemic vegetables from the diet.

Aims to reduce the cravings for sugary and refined starch items and thus control blood sugar levels.

Successful completion results in elimination of hunger cycle and thus significant weight loss.

Phase 2: Reach your right weight

This phase continues till the user attains the right weightReintoduction of several food items like vegetables, fruits and cereals brings much cheer to your meals.

Your weight continues to decrease but at a lower rate than the first phase.

The rate of weight loss thus achieved is healthy and steady.

Phase 3: Lifelong weight management

By this stage the users can make healthier choices for themselves.
You can go to the previous phases in case there is a weight gain.

Since you have already get used to a healthier lifestyle, you are unlikely to put on the weight back.

Few right food selections for your diet plan

When taking meat go for white meat instead of red med. Also look for leaner cuts like turkey or Canadian bacon which have less fat content as compared to regular one.

Going for low fat variants of several food items will automatically reduce the amount of sugar that you consume.

Since the first phase includes indulging on fresh vegetables, stock lots of them in your house. Include green vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli along with tomatoes, radish and celery in your diet.

Include low fat salad dressing and sauce in your diet. Double check the nutritional value of some sauces as they may contain high sugar level.

Prefer low fats products in dairy items also. You will love the low fat varieties of cheese, yogurt and milk that are available in the market.

Make whole wheat cereals like oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat bread a part of your breakfast.

Fruit juices generally have a very high sugar content, so try to replace them with juices of fresh vegetables are they are much more nutritious.

Just follow this diet plan religiously and shed those extra pounds. Getting into shape was never this easy.

If you haven't started South Beach yet and you're still wondering if it is the right weight loss plan for you, be sure to read the South beach diet phase 2.